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Ricky Martin shared his daily skincare and wellness routine — WATCH

Ricky Martin shared his daily skincare and wellness routine — WATCH

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Ricky Martin had “a lot of issues” with his skin when he was younger.

The 49-year-old singer spent “hours” on camera in boy band Menudo as a teenager and he found the “crazy” effects of puberty on his complexion were only made worse by the heavy stage make-up he had to wear.

He said: “I’ve been working since I’m 12 years old.

“So I have my days or my months where I’m really obsessed with my skin and then I forget because I’m in the ocean and that’s wrong, it’s all wrong.

“So imagine when you’re 12 years old when you spend hours in front of a camera with make-up, when you kick puberty, as it is, life is so complicated, your skin gets crazy and if you add make-up to that equation, it’s just really horrible.

“So I really had a lot of issues.

“Eventually I started, I had to start taking care of myself, not religiously. Eventually it became better in the sense that I started enjoying taking care of myself, taking care of my skin, and this is where I’m at today.

The ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ hitmaker is grateful his mother taught him the importance of using moisturiser from a young age.

Speaking in a video for Vogue about his beauty routine, he said: “One of us first things that I learned was moisturiser.

“You have to have moisturiser after spending 20 hours with make-up, you go home, you wash your face, you have to have moisturiser…

“Even when I didn’t really have a routine, moisturiser was a thing that kind of like saved my life.

“I say saved my life or my skin.

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“I’m telling you, I had really bad moments with my skin. My Mom always told me, ‘It doesn’t matter what you do, please use moisturiser.’ She still does.

“My mom has the most beautiful skin. You kidding me, she’s perfect. Mommy, you’re perfect, I love you.”

And Ricky has made wearing sunscreen an essential part of his daily routine.

He said: “So obviously we’ll have to have sunscreen. I’m gonna be really honest, it’s not that I used sunscreen my entire life, but it is so important.

“It’s time to grow up, you need sunscreen. We are so exposed to the sun.”



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