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Ryan Reynolds Gets Pranked By Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal — Morning Brief

Ryan Reynolds Gets Pranked By Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal — Morning Brief

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, 42, posted a snap of himself wearing an ornate Christmas sweater, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman.

His response:

“These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party.”

Needless to say, Jackman and Gyllenhaal appear rather pleased with themselves, laughing, high-fiving, and giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Fans found this very relatable.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa got emotional as a showcase of Polynesian pride greeted him at Ward Theatres Friday at the Hawaiian premiere of Aquaman.

As he came out to greet the public, Momoa was greeted by a dozens of performers. Some performing the haka, some twirling a fire knife, others dancing hula.

With his children at his side, the Hawaii-born actor welled up at the sight then thanked the crowd saying, “This is one of the greatest moments of my life…I’m so honored to play this role because it represents all of us, all of Polynesia.”

Will & Grace star Megan Mullally did not see the funny side of a video posted by President Donald Trump of them singing the theme song to the sitcom Green Acres.

To mark the signing of the 2018 farm bill, Trump shared a clip of his appearance with Mullally at the 2005 Emmy Awards ceremony.

She responded to his tweet with this:

So that video featuring the glitter bomb wasn’t all that it seemed to be. Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who built a glitter bomb package that explodes after it has been stolen, has admitted that elements of his viral video were faked.

Two of the so-called “thieves” filmed stealing the box were actually in on the prank. Rober said they were roped in by a friend of a friend, who offered to place the package on their porch.

The YouTuber has re-edited the video and apologized to viewers.

There will be NO Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot.

The new reboot of the series, written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who also wrote Deadpool, will proceed Depp-less because, as Disney’s film production chief Sean Bailey put it to The Hollywood Reporter, “we want to bring in a new energy and vitality. I love the [Pirates] movies, but part of the reason Paul and Rhett are so interesting is that we want to give it a kick in the pants. And that’s what I’ve tasked them with.”

RIP Captain Jack.

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