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Stevie Nicks talks drug addiction, says she ‘saved’ herself

Stevie Nicks talks drug addiction, says she ‘saved’ herself

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Stevie Nicks insists the only person who “saved” her from a cocaine addiction was herself.

The Fleetwood Mac legend went through “some pretty scary moments” during her battle with addiction and only managed to come through the other side by helping herself and checking into rehab.

Speaking to Tim McGraw on his Apple Music Country show ‘Beyond the Influence Radio’, she said: “I managed to save myself. I got through some pretty scary moments, but I saved me, nobody else saved me.

“I survived me. I survived my cocaine. I survived by myself.

“I checked myself into rehab. Nobody did that for me. I did it and that’s like with my whole life.

“So I would dance over those parts just to give the wisdom out to people.”

Meanwhile, Stevie previously revealed prescription drugs “ruined” her life and are partly responsible for her not ever having a baby.

The ‘Dreams’ singer was prescribed Klonopin – which is usually used for seizures and panic disorders – in 1986 after she overcame cocaine addiction and she claimed the substance “ruined” her life for eight years.

Stevie, who started taking Klonopin when she was aged 38, said in 2011: “The only thing I would change about my life is walking into that psychiatrist’s office who prescribed me Klonopin. That ruined my life for eight years.

“God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby.

“That was my prime eight years. That was a big mistake. Everything else was exactly how it should have been.”

The 73-year-old music icon blames the doctor who prescribed her the drug for the toll it took on her health.

She added: “That was just a stupid doctor making a groupie mistake and just wanting me to come in there, tell him about all my music friends and young Hollywood, and that nearly ruined my life and nearly killed me.”

“I think that what I would do first, and only lately have I thought this, I might sit down at some point across the kitchen table with some of my girlfriends who have been there for a lot of it and put on a tape recorder and just start talking from the very beginning.”



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