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Taryn Manning Set to Star in ‘Karen’ Movie

Taryn Manning Set to Star in ‘Karen’ Movie

Taryn Manning

Orange Is The New Black and Hustle and Flow actress Taryn Manning will star in writer/director Coke Daniels’ new suspense thriller about a “Karen” reports TMZ.

The film is about a racist, entitled white woman in the South who causes problems for her African-American neighbors.

Taryn’s character, Karen White, makes it her mission to oust the new neighbors on her block, a black family, by any means necessary. It’s a very 2020 movie.

Additionally, the neighbors are big supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Coke Daniels, the film’s writer, and director will make Taryn’s “Karen” will be a mixture of all the “Karens” that have become famous on the internet.

TMZ’s report doesn’t include details on when production dates, expected release, nor any other supporting roles of the film, though IMDb currently had the film pegged for 2021.

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