The Five — Prince Royce, Jennifer Garner, Jason Derulo, Randy Rainbow, and a Pygmy Hippo

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Prince Royce

This is The Five, our weekday rundown of five things that we are loving, can't wait for, or are truly obsessed with!

Today in The Five, we are featuring Prince Royce shaking his thang, Jennifer Garner‘s laundry room, Jason Derulo chips a tooth, Randy Rainbow‘s “Distraction,” and a pygmy hippo!

ONE: Prince Royce Shakes His Thang

These kids and their tickey tock.

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Another day another tiktok 😝

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TWO: Jennifer Garner Huge Laundry Room

I'd be drinking wine in my laundry room if it was as massive as Jennifer Garner‘s!

THREE: Jason Derulo Chips a Tooth

Jason Derulo decided to attempt the “corn challenge” (seriously?) which involves attaching a cob of corn to a drill and eating it as the drill rotates rapidly.

However, it seems things didn't go to plan as he appears to chip his front teeth pretty badly.


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

♬ original sound – jasonderulo

FOUR: Randy Rainbow's “Distraction!”

Donald Trump’s latest strategy for failing to address his anemic response to the pandemic is to shout “Obamagate,” or what satirist Randy Rainbow calls “Distraction” to the tune of “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof.

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FIVE: Aww. It's a pygmy hippo!

This is all kinds of cute!

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