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The Five — Welcome to Chechnya, Skater Boy, Dad, Gay Good News, and Chris Pine

The Five — Welcome to Chechnya, Skater Boy, Dad, Gay Good News, and Chris Pine

Welcome to Chechnya

This is The Five, our run down five things that we are passionate about, loving, are truly obsessed with, can’t wait for, give us a laugh, are truly inspirational, or are worthy of a little (or a lot of) shade.

Today in The Five, we are featuring Welcome to Chechnya, a skater boy has all the moves, listen to your father’s advice, Gay Good News with Thomas Roberts and Chris Pine wears a mask.

ONE: Welcome to Chechnya

Utterly heartbreaking, terrifying, and infuriating. Watch it on HBO.

TWO: Skater Boy

I have literally watched this video 15 times already.

THREE: Dad’s Give the Best Advice

Listen to your father.

FOUR: Gay Good News with Thomas Roberts

Want some positivity in your life? Enjoy some Gay Good News!

FIVE: Chris Pine Wears a Mask

Thank you sir, and enjoy your purchases.



★ A man casually walks away as he breaks toes off of the Italian Canova statue in a museum. You gotta watch this! [OMG BLOG]

★ Amid national outcry, administrators reportedly have reversed their decision to suspend a 15-year-old student who shared viral images from inside her reopened Georgia high school this week. [Towleroad]

Reese Witherspoon is a meme queen! [Evil Beet Gossip]

Kylie Minogue has released a video for her new track “Say Something” and it as if Xanadu has been reborn and infused with glitter bombs. [Curt and Frank]

★ Turn it up! 12 Forgotten classics by women-led new wave bands: Offshore edition. [Kenneth in the 212]

Zendaya goes for a dramatic “back” statement for InStyle. [Go Fug Yourself]

Bella Hadid flipped off some NYPD cops because they weren’t wearing masks. [Celebitchy]

★ If you’re an ass man, you’re in luck! [Boy Culture]

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