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The Great British Baking Show — Bread Week (TV Talk)

The Great British Baking Show — Bread Week (TV Talk)

The Great British Baking Show — Bread Week

The show was down two bakers who were out sick, who avoided the dreaded bread week. Thanks to the smörgåstårta, who knew there would be so much fish?

As a consumer of way too much television, I am sharing my thoughts on a few of my favorite TV shows. Here are a few of my miusings [sic] regarding the Bread Week episode from The Great British Baking Show:


Here is a run-through of the bakers and how they fared during their third week in the tent.

Abdul – Did not participate as he was under the weather.

Rebs – Did not participate as she was under the weather.

Dawn – In the Signature challenge it was all about pizza and Dawn gave us a twist with her sour cream and guacamole on her Tex-Mex-style pizza. Dawn disappointed Paul Hollywood in the Showstopper challenge by not using ground beef, cilantro, or other traditional Greek flavors in her Greek-inspired smörgåstårta.

Carole – Oh, Carole. Her pizza looked as if someone threw up cheese all over her. She did not fare any better in the Technical challenge as she put her pain au raisins too close to each other so they stuck together. Carole did okay with her Showstopper,

Kevin – Kevin’s pizza featured figs, balsamic glaze, and haloumi. I’m guessing that Kevin probably will never have another pain au raisins as he came in 7th place in the Technical. Kevin’s Showstopper, inspired by his wife’s fish pie, looked like a disaster.

Maxy – In the Technical Maxy created, a “Mango Magic Mess” pizza and it kind of was. Maxy came in second place with her lovely pain au raisins. Maxy lucked out in the Show Stopper challenge because smörgåstårta (basically as sandwich that looks like a cake) is Swedish, sadly it didn’t end up looking that great.

James – In the Signature challenge James gave us a very controversial “It Does Belong!” Ham, Mushroom & Pineapple Pizza. He came in third in the Technical with his Pain aux raisins. The best thing about James’ Showstopper was his adorable milk bread pandas.

Syabira – Her pizza was based on a Malaysian shrimp dish that sounded quite interesting. Syabira stumbled a bit with her pain au raisins coming in 5th. Syabira’s Showstopper was just that. It was a marvel to look at and her Malaysian dish tasted great as well.

Sandro – If you are not a fan of pineapple on pizza then you would not have liked Sandro’s, but he did give his a stuffed crust and it was in the form of a heart, so once again he wins my heart. Sandro got a chance to show off his buff arms while rolling out the dough for the pain au raisins (aren’t those biscuits?) Technical. If you’re a barbecue lover, then you’ll love Sandro’s Showstopper which featured lots of meat and sloppy joe.

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Janusz – Say hello to the Star Baker of the week! Janusz continued to delight me with his personality and he delighted the judges with his Fish and Chip Shop’ Smörgåstårta and his first-place finish in the Technical. Also, his Full English Breakfast Pizza (full of sausage, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, and blood sausage) tasted better than expected. Janusz nailed it with his Showstopper. He combined cod, mushy peas, and fried potatoes to make a fish-and-chips–inspired dish and earned bonus points for his presentation.

But because Rebs and Abdul missed the Bread Week challenges, no one was eliminated from this week’s episode.

My very early picks for the final three are Sandro, Janusz, and Maxy.



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