The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 trailer is full of drama — WATCH

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The Real Housewives of Orange County returns with some old and new faces, including “Jesus Jugs,” aka Alexis Bellino, and things this season get very messy very, very, very fast. Buckle up because this is going to be a WILD one.

Following a very difficult year, Shannon Storms Beador is doing her best to move forward as she faces the consequences of her DUI. With her twins in college, this empty-nester is left trying to mend her fractured friendships.

Always on the move, Heather Dubrow and their husband, Terry, routinely commute between Orange County and their new estate in Beverly Hills. After many years of friendship, Heather and Gina find themselves at odds over loyalty and betrayal.

No longer a Tres Amiga, Tamra Judge is putting her energy into developing stronger friendships and helping her daughter Sophia, who recently turned 18, navigate her gap year. Tamra’s damaged friendship with Shannon is hotly contested as she wonders if Shannon is truly remorseful for her accident.

Gina Kirschenheiter has leveled up as a realtor, but her professional reputation is questioned after one of the ladies puts her in a sticky situation. Her relationship with Travis takes an unconventional turn when she decides she wants to live separately but stay together. On top of this, as Gina watches bestie Emily get close to Tamra, she wonders if their friendship will remain the same.

Emily Simpson has gone through an incredible transformation after losing 40 pounds and is trying to adjust to her new healthy lifestyle. When she’s not helping the wrongly convicted as part of the California Innocence Project, she’s questioning the ladies on everything from integrity to intentions.

Jennifer Pedranti is ready for a fresh start with Tamra while also trying to prove that her boyfriend, Ryan, is worthy of redemption. While some of the ladies in the group wonder if she has learned from her past mistakes, Jennifer finds some commonality with her new housewife, Katie.

New to Orange County, Katie Ginella and her husband, professional golf journalist Matt Ginella, recently moved from San Diego. Now ready to learn more about her Korean heritage and connect to her roots, Katie decides to explore her adoption further and meet her birth mother.

A longtime friend of Heather and Emily, Alexis Bellino comes in full force, ready to make waves. She finds her footing with most of the ladies and starts fresh with Tamra, but she instantly finds herself on shaky ground with Shannon as they face off in a series of high-stakes disputes.



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