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The Week in Drag – A sneak peek at Drag Race Down Under, checking in with the Top 4 in the US and UK, and lots more

The Week in Drag – A sneak peek at Drag Race Down Under, checking in with the Top 4 in the US and UK, and lots more

Drag Race Down Under

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our wrap-up of the top news from the RuPaul’s Drag Race universe.

In this edition of The Week in Drag, we get our first peek at the queens of the latest international franchise of Drag Race and get to know more about our top four US queens before next week’s crowning.

We also have reviews and recaps of last week’s musical challenge and drag excellence fashions from some of your favorite Ru-capping queens, including Nina West, Trixie Mattel, Bob the Drag Queen, Yuhua Hamasaki and Raven. If you’re looking for some great makeup videos from Trixie and Rock M Sakura, we’ve got them, along with some demonstrations of wig artistry from Jaymes Mansfield and Willam.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover (across three continents), so let’s bring it to the runway!

After our season 13 queen is crowned next week, you won’t have to wait long for more charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, as the latest spin-off series, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, premieres on May 1 on WOW Presents Plus.  Check out the trailer for the new series and get ready for more drag excellence from our Aussie queens.  

Our 10 newest queens get the “toot” and “boot” treatment from Raja and Gigi Goode, who review their reveal looks on a special episode of “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Coming back to the US, last week our top 4 queens showcased their singing and dancing talents, coming up with their own verses for the RuPaul song “Lucky.” After the song, the queens showed off their most excellent looks on the runway. Relive the episode and fabulous fashions with Trixie Mattel and Jinkx Monsoon on “The Pit Stop.”

One of our favorite Ru-cappers, Nina West, takes us on a comic journey through the episode on another hilarious episode of “Extra Lap Recap.”

Kandy, Gottmik, Rosé, and Symone brought drag excellence to last week’s runway and Raja and Raven are here to “toot” and “boot” the pre-finale looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

For another take on the runway fashions, let’s hear from Yuhua Hamasaki and Aja on the latest “Bootleg Opinions.”

Michelle Visage has been a great hostess this season on “Whatcha Packin’?” and her chats with the top 4 are as enlightening and entertaining as you’d expect. Here, she chats with our favorite fashion plate and makeup artist extraordinaire, Gottmik.

Kandy Muse also sat down with Michelle to discuss her experiences on season 13.

Gottmik’s black and white polka dot look from last week’s runway was the epitome of drag excellence and here, she shows you how she created the already iconic makeup for her runway look.

If you want more top 4 makeup artistry, watch as Kandy Muse shows you how she created the face to accompany her memorable denim entrance look.

The fans have spoken, and Trixie Mattel and Katya binged the Netflix series Selling Sunset so you don’t have to. Watch as they share their always hilarious opinions on the reality show on the latest episode of “I Like to Watch.”

While Trixie has her own line of (amazing) cosmetics, she’s always up to show you the best of the other brands. Here she creates her look with Beauty Bakerie cosmetics and skin care products.

And now a word from Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change – who are here to talk all things advertising on the latest “Sibling Rivalry.”

I love all of Monét’s videos, and her latest is no exception. Watch as she paints her face in the dark (and manages to look better than I do when I apply my makeup in full lighting.)

Monét has teamed up with the legendary Lady Bunny for a new podcast, “Ebony & Irony.” Each Friday, they discuss the latest in current events and pop culture with special guests to join in on the fun. This week’s guest is Katya who reveals how she is ready for love but her prerequisites for what makes a man husband material are kinda, well… nutty. Get the show on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.  

Lady Bunny has been a busy bunny this week. In addition to her podcast, she popped in to chat with Peppermint on the latest episode of “Pepp Talks.”

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Take a season 4 favorite and mix in some “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and you’ve got the latest episode of “Beatdown.” Willam shows us videos of queens taking tumbles on stage, on set and everywhere you can imagine.

Willam and Alaska released a video from their “Race Chaser” Patreon feed this week where they recreate a Drag Race challenge favorite. Watch them create fierce fashions from duct tape (and I really kind of dig Alaska’s finished look.)

If Alaska needed a wig to go with her pink tape outfit, she could definitely opt for the hair creation that Willam and Six bring to you on the latest “Cut a Bitch.”

Speaking of wigs, Jaymes Mansfield is here to recreate another iconic hairdo, this time paying tribute to legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz with a look made from some humble Party City wigs. Jaymes is just magic.  

Jaymes also served up another crafty treat for us this week, creating a RuPaul puppet (because everyone loves puppets!)

Rock M Sakura is back from saving the world and now she’s here to brighten your life with a beautiful, Decora-inspired makeup look.  

I don’t know about you, but I miss the queens of Drag Race UK already. Fortunately, Lawrence Chaney and Ellie Diamond are here to fill the void, as they look back at some of their early makeup and performance videos.

Another top 4 queen from across the pond, Bimini Bon Boulash is back to discuss their experience on the show and beyond with Jodie Harsh on “Tea Time.”  

And that’s all for this week’s wrap-up. Until we meet again, take a few minutes and get back to nature with Coco Peru. Until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy, get vaccinated and say LOVE! 

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