Podcasts You Should Know: Lady Bunny and Monét X Change team up for Ebony & Irony

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Lady Bunny and Monet X Change Podcast Ebony and Ivory

Drag royalty Lady Bunny and All-Stars 4 champion Monét X Change have teamed up for a fabulous new podcast, Ebony & Irony. Each Friday, the queens discuss and dissect the latest pop culture, politics and scandals. They dig in deep, interviewing guests who are experts in their fields.

Past guests on the show include comedian Margaret Cho, discussing the Atlanta shooting of six Asian women; trans punk icon Jayne County, gay porn star Boomer Banks and Linda Simpson, author of The Drag Explosion. Bunny says of the show, “We’re not here to ‘Yass, Queen!’ our guests. We ask hard-hitting questions so that different viewpoints are expressed.”

“Ebony & Irony” is not your typical drag podcast. Rather than discussing the lewks of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the show touches on themes like cancel culture, COVID, and cultural appropriation. It also features light-hearted segments like Definitely Not the News where Bunny and Monét mine the internet for the latest fads and throw more shade than a solar eclipse.

Lady Bunny
Photo by Steven Menendez

We were able to chat with Lady Bunny, currently banned from Twitter (so feel free to hashtag #bringbackbunny on your social media accounts), about the new podcast, working with Monét and what’s new with her n our exclusive interview .

How has the pandemic been treating you? 

Well, I got really pissed off when my doctor told me I needed to wear two masks. I asked “Why, for safety?” and he said “No, because no one wants to see the top of your face, either!” The nerve!

What was the inspiration for “Ebony & Ivory”? 

Monét and I have always gotten along on tour, and that led to lengthy phone chats. We were both having so much fun that we wanted to share our convos!


What is it like working with Monét?   

She's very hard-working and shows up prepared. Of course, we're both comedians and we like to tease each other. But that makes for a great chemistry. Also, Monét's 29 years my junior, so we often have completely different views on a variety of subjects. But disagreements lead to better discussions.

How do you choose what topics you talk about? 

It's a joint decision. We try to stay current with entertainment stuff, so we've chatted about Bridgerton, The US vs Billie Holiday, Lil Nas X, etc. and political topics from censorship to impeachment to Andrew Cuomo appealed to us. One week, we had a doctor from a COVID emergency room to help us make sense of the ever-changing COVID guidelines. So, we veer between useful information and pop culture.

What do you enjoy talking about the most?

We do focus on cancel culture a lot. I often think cancel culture is guided by an online mob which frequently fails to put things into proper context. I also come from a generation which tends to think “Avoid performers or musicians you don't like–but don't try to make them lose their jobs. Simply don't patronize them!”

Have you ever been surprised by something you learned on the show?

I was very surprised to learn that Katya is a top! 

Lady Bunny
Photo by Steven Menendez

What has been your favorite episode to record?

HRH Princess Diandra was a joy to have on. She's a NYC diva who Monét and I have both worked with over the years. She also impersonates Tina Turner, so we brought her in as an expert to discuss the new HBOMax documentary and to determine how accurate it was. Diandra had all the dirt and a very unique viewpoint!

Who has been your favorite podcast guest? 

Katya's episode comes out this week, and she was a scream! Definitely one of our best interviews to date. She kept us howling for an hour!

Who’s your dream “get” as a guest?

I'd love to interview Patti Labelle–or any of my musical heroes. I'm sure Monét has her own idols. 

How has doing this podcast changed you?

I gained a few more technical skills from the recording process, got a mic, etc. We seniors aren't the best with tech stuff! I also really enjoy talking to our listeners at the Stereo App, where we do a weekly after-party and take calls from them on whatever our topic is. Then we include a few of them in the show.

Are you surprised about the success of the podcast?

I had only been on other people's podcasts, so I'm new to that world. But we have developed a loyal audience of people who enjoy both our topics and our takes on things. 

Lady Bunny
Photo by Steven Menendez

Do you listen to any other podcasts?

I don't! But I've been on Feast Of Fun several times. It's a drag-themed podcast from Chicago which has been going for a decade.

What’s next for you (besides your triumphant return to Twitter, which I hope happens soon)?

I'll be doing my own hour-long show at Brooklyn's 3 Dollar Bill on Mother's Day weekend, and then hitting the road with Voss Events' Drive ‘N Drag Saves 2021. Right now, we're all giddy with suspense over the two Season 13 cast members who'll be joining us!

Check out new episodes of “Ebony & Ivory” every Friday on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast fix. “Ebony & Irony is part of the Starburns Audio Network and fans can interact with the show via the Stereo app.

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