The Week in Drag – A tasty All Stars ball, Ru invites us to his home, Willam goes to court and more

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars

Hello, hello, hello! We are back, back, back again with news, reviews and updates from the RuPaul’s Drag Race universe!

Our All Stars brought a grocery cart full of fashion to the main stage and we have a full recap of all of the indulgent looks. We also check in with our favorite Ru-cappers as they look back on last week’s premiere.

This year’s DragCon is in the history books, but we have a couple of additional highlights to show what you may have missed. In addition, we’ve got a new Beatdown from Willam, more random hilarity from Trixie and Katya, a chat with Miss Vanjie and lots more. Let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queens brought delicious looks to the runway in the always fun ball episode. As we open, we see that the votes to eliminate Naysha were a little too close for comfort for Kahanna. Jessica admitted she had to stick with her Puerto Rican sister, while Kasha says she was more “emotionally swayed” by Naysha’s plea to stay. (And then LaLa hilariously fights with a pillow in the confessional room, which was the highlight of the episode for me.) There’s also a discussion about sex swings that gets interrupted by RuPaul.

Ru enters the werk room and tells the queens and tells the queen-testants about this week’s maxi challenge. They need to dust off their sewing machines and glue guns for the Supermarket Ball. They need to serve three looks for the judges to check out: the first is “Legend-Dairy”, looks not for the lactose intolerant, the second is “Fruity Patootie” and lastly, they need to create their own high fashion, grocery-inspired looks for “Supermarket Supermodel.” The Pit Crew come in packing groceries (and oh, so much more) and the queens get to work.  Pretty much immediately, Kasha singles herself out as the weakest link and Jessica is delighted to be in her first ball. Understandably, LaLa is suffering from a little PTSD, but is confident she can do better than the infamous bag look. (Have I mentioned what a delight she’s been on this episode?) Kandy is also nervous and her design sketch ranks up there with the “police sketch” of the Alabama leprechaun.  

As the dolls work on their looks, we revisit the flirtation between Alexis (who says she makes a yummy chicken) and LaLa (who is down for free eats), and Kasha reveals she made out one time with Darienne (who joked that she took a lot of hallucinogens back in the day.) Ru stops by to check on their progress. Jimbo (who Ru just loves) says she’s an experienced designer and hopes she can bring the fashion. Darienne tells Ru she’s expanding her color palette after shedding 200 pounds, and Alexis talks about her style evolution. As Jessica, Kahanna, and Heidi discuss their looks, they also reveal that they have changed a lot for the better since their seasons (and Heidi tearfully shares that her grandmother passed away after season 12.)

As they beat their mugs, the queens kiki. LaLa says after her season’s sisters said the bag dress was “stunning,” she has trust issues. Kasha talks about her husband of 19 years and his kids and says she always wanted a family. Darienne admits she’s never been in a relationship because she doesn’t want to share space (but she’s not writing it off completely.) Kandy is content being solo, and Alexis talks about a tough breakup and is happy to start a new chapter of her life. 

It’s ball time! JoJo Siwa is the guest judge. I am glad to see TS Madison back on the panel, though. The “Legend-Dairy” looks are up first, and Jimbo is serving a “blowing bubbles in milk fantasy,” and it’s so much fun. Kahanna is an adorable cow, Jaymes is avant-garde, 60s-inspired cookies and milk look, and I do like Kandy’s take on spilled milk. Alexis is a biker cow (that Ru calls “Liza Moo-neli”) and the cow puns don’t stop as LaLa is dubbed “Mooella DeVil” in her bondage cow look. Darienne is skim milk in a white drapey gown and Jessica gives us a fun look with fruit loops on a beautiful white gown; Kasha also comes out in all white sour cream white gown Heidi sexy milkmaid

Next up, are the “Fruity Patootie” fashions. Jimbo dons a colorful dress with gay icons depicted on the fabric, including Divine, Cher and, of course, Ru. Kahanna is a combination of the Fifth Element and a banana, Jaymes is our favorite tart in a lemon inspired showgirl corset, Kandy is a cherry bomb in a red latex bodysuit, Alexis gives full glam in a blueberry silk taffeta gown, and LaLa is a candied apple in a full-length red latex gown with a “caramel” headpiece. Darienne is a banana split in a glittery bodysuit, and Jessica pays tribute to the season two Absoult drinks challenge as an acai berry bedecked housewife. Kasha serves banana epaulets and a Vegas-worthy feathered headdress and Heidi is a lovely strawberry in a green corset top and structured red pants.

Lastly, our “Supermarket Supermodel” are…well…super. Jimbo’s corset top and short skirt are made up of lettuce and artichoke (and could encourage vegetarianism) Kahanna uses blue and yellow floaties and laundry baskets to create a superhero illusion, Jaymes is a 1950s domestic goddess complete with a puppet cleaner, Kandy is futuristic in a look using mylar blankets, and Alexis has a dark top (which I think is shelf liner) and a paper bag fringed miniskirt. LaLa also uses beige shelf liner for a mini dress, Darenne has a holographic bustle and a colorful ribboned top and Jessica is pastel pink flower fantasy. Kasha is a kid’s birthday, complete with party toys streamers and cake and Heidi evokes the sunset with a gown made of napkins in pinks, reds and oranges. 

This week’s tops are Jessica, Jimbo, LaLa (who finally got her Ru-dmption!) and Kandy, leaving Kasha and Darienne in the bottom. Jessica is the week’s big winner (although I would argue that Jimbo’s looks were just a teeny bit better.) This week’s lip sync assassin is Ra’Jah O’Hara and she and Jessica face off to Kim Petras’ “Coconuts”. Jessica reveals her enormous “coconuts” and keeps the panel in stitches. She gets the first win of the season and $30,000. She also chose Mrs. Kasha Davis as the queen to sashay away. Aww, man. At least she’s still got a chance to win the “Fame Games”. Next week, the queens create trailers for a new scripted series…yep, it’s acting challenge time! 

Last week’s super-sized All Stars premiere brought so much fashion and fun and, thankfully, Bianca Del Rio is back to recap it all for another season of “The Pit Stop”. In this video, Alaska joins her to discuss the season 8 premiere of All Stars from the entrance looks to the runway.

Sonique joins Bianca to recap the “RDR Live” episode and “Net Gala” looks.

Bob and Monét recap last week’s premiere on “Sibling Watchery.”

It’s time for a new season of “Fashion Photo Ruview” and this season, Raja is joined by the stunning Kerri Colby. Here, they toot and boot the premiere’s runway looks.

And for a double dose of toot and bootery, the pair review the Net Gala looks.

Content queen Laganja Estranja and Yuhua Hamasaki offer up their own ‘Bootleg Opinions” of episode one’s fashions.  

I guess Laganja doesn’t sleep much…she’s one busy queen. Here, she and celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Joseph Shepherd talk all about the All Stars premiere on and “Queening Out.”

Jan and Crystal Methyd take a closer look at the premiere on the latest “Unpacked.”

Current All Star Jaymes Mansfield dissects her episode one entrance look and past and future star runway looks.

Jaymes shares how she came up with her Fredericks of Hollywood-inspired “Net Gala” look.

I can’t get enough of this All Stars 8 cast, so enjoy this clip as they chat with Pride Today.

On May 14, Andrew Levitt (a/k/a Nina West) hosted Tony Award Winning actress and original Hairspray on Broadway cast member, Marissa Jaret Winokor, at LA’s Dolby Theater for the 20th Anniversary Tour of Hairspray. Marissa in a stunning white sequin dress watched the show for what she exclaimed was “the first time EVER watching it from an audience perspective”. Marissa met Nina (Edna Turnblad), Niki Metcalfe (Tracy) and Ralph Prentice Daniel (Wilbur Turnblad) backstage at intermission and then post-show posed for pictures with the whole cast and crew still in their full costumes. 

Nina West Hairspray
Photo by Max Fleury
Nina West Hairspray
Photo by Max Fleury
Nina West Hairspray
Photo by Max Fleury

Remember MTV’s Cribs? Take a trip back in time and get jealous as Ru takes us on a tour of her positively gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion. The disco room is my home décor dream and the massive closet and orange-tinged kitchen are to die for. I am still waiting for my invitation to come play dirty charades with you, Ru.

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And that’s all for this week. With Pride month just around the corner, let’s get into the spirit with Kylie’s cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” in a video featuring Willam, Ra’Jah, Eureka, Alaska, Sugar, Spice, Angeria and Jimbo. And, until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy, support the queens and say LOVE!



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