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The Week in Drag – All Stars 8 Snatch Game, meet the queens of Drag Race France season 2, Bob’s new Lyft gig, and more

The Week in Drag – All Stars 8 Snatch Game, meet the queens of Drag Race France season 2, Bob’s new Lyft gig, and more

Snatch Game of Love

Hello, hello, hello and Happy Pride! We are back with another round-up of news and updates from the Drag Race universe.

On this week’s All Stars, the queens bring out their best celebrity impersonations for the Snatch Game of Love and we recap all of the comedy – and plenty of drama – for you. We also introduce you to the queens of the second season of Drag Race France and treat your ears to new music from Trixie Mattel.

In addition, your favorite Ru-capers are here to discuss last week’s All Stars acting challenge and ass-forward fashions and we check in with some of your faves, including Bob, Nina, Mo, Willam and so many more. Let’s get this party started and let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, it’s time for a fan favorite challenge, some ru-vealing fashions and a true shocker. As the episode opens, we learn that Darienne got every vote to leave the competition (except her own, which went to Jaymes.) Jimbo has been rackng up the wins and Alexis and LaLa engage in a little flirtation. Ru enters and announces that it’s time for the Snatch Game of Love and much rejoicing follows.

LaLa, Kandy and Jaymes are Snatch Game newbies and Jessica isn’t pressed because she did Ru in the very first Snatch Game waaaaaay back in season 2. LaLa says she is doing Sukihana from Love and Hip Hop Miami, Jessica is doing Iris Chacon, the “Dolly Parton of Puerto Rico” and Jaymes is doing a quite uncanny impersonation of gay con Jennifer Coolidge. Alexis, who won her season’s Snatch Game with a hilarious take on Liza Minelli and could grab anther win by playing Golden Girl Bea Arthur (another Ru favorite) feels like Jimbo, who won Canada’s Drag Race’s game as Joan Rivers, is big time competition. Kahanna decides to whip out the orange makeup and play her drag mother, Coco Montrese while Heidi takes on the dreaded pirate Blackbeard and Jimbo prepares to deliver Shirley Temple realness.   

Round one of the SGOL features the adorable Matt Rogers as the “Snatchelor” and queen-testants Heidi, Jessica, Kahanna and Jaymes. Jessica starts strong and gets stuck in knd of one-note territory, Heidi has a few moments but it’s Jaymes’ show. Her Jennifer Coolidfe is SO GOOD and she kept Ru in stitches. Poor Kahanna was flatlining as a cranky Coco and Heidi didn’t help by making jokes at her expense. Not surprisingly, Matt chose Jymes/Jennifer as his “date.”

Round two features SNL standout Bowen Yang as the “Snatchelor” and queen-testats Alexis, Kandy (as Mob Wife Renee Graziano), LaLa and Jimbo. As we kind of expected, Jimbo gave us vintage Jimbo – and her unhinged take on Shirley Temple (complete with chaotic tap dancing) had Ru cackling from the moment she opened her mouth (and she also made Kandy break character, which was hilarious).  Alexis’ Bea Arthur was also giving Ru the giggles while Kandy and LaLa were kind of just along for the ride. Bowen picked Jimbo because she was comedy gold. We even got a bonus “lip sync for your love between Matt and Bowen (more of these two, please!)

After the game, Kahanna was shaken up because her performance was a flop and Jessica says she thought she should have done better. Kahanna confronted Heidi about what she felt was her sabotaging behavior, and all hell broke loose. Kandy jumped into the fray and accused Heidi of telling Jimbo that she would vote her off if she ended up in the bottom and Alexis got pulled into the drama as well. In the end, Heidi walked off the set in tears and LaLa and Kandy went to try to talk to her. Heidi announced that she did what she came to do and stated she was leaving the competition. Wow.

On the main stage, Ru confirmed that Heidi left and won’t be participating in the Fame Games  and then announced the week’s runway theme, “Ru-veal Yourself.” Jessica paid tribute to her chicken character from season two in a yellow feathered cape that revealed an egg underneath; she peeled away the “shell” to reveal a bodysuit decorated with two sunny-side-up eggs.  Kahanna gave us showgirl burlesque, revealing so much skin (she is gorgeous), and Jaymes gave us the first drag muppet, revealing a very Jaymes-esque collection of pink attire. Kandy went from housewife to glamazon to silver lingerie, LaLa was a vision in purple velvet, and Jimbo stole the show with a full Adam and Eve illusion. Alexis also had an impressive showing with an Into the Woods witch sitch.   

Ru declared Kandy and LaLa safe and, not surprisingly, put another $5k in Jimbo’s pocket. Jaymes and Alexis were also safe, leaving Kahanna and Jessica in the bottom. This week’s lip sync assassin in season 14’s gorgeous Jasmine Kennedie. She and Jimbo face off to “Hallucinate” by Dua Lipa and once again, lip sync domination has eluded Jimbo (but it was such a fun performance from both queens. And, since Heidi excluded herself from the competition, Ru declared that both Jessica and Kahanna were safe to slay another day. Next week, the iconic Joan Crawford gets the Rusical treatment, and there will surely be lots of fallout and drama following Heidi’s exit.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks is in her “recap era,” and she and Bianca Del Rio take a closer look at last week’s acting challenge and ass-forward fashions on “The Pit Stop.”

Bob and Monét share their thoughts on last week’s episode on “Sibling Watchery.”

 Eliminated All Star Darienne Lake (who I was so sad to see leave) joins Joseph Shepherd and Laganja Estranja to talk episode 4 on Queening Out.”

Raja and Kerri Colby toot and boot last week’s ass-tastic runway looks on the latest ‘Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Yuhua Hamasaki goes solo this week and shares her “Bootleg Opinions” on last week’s runway looks.

All Star Jaymes Mansfield paid tribute to. Her Mexican roots with last week’s runway look. Here, she describes how she put together her “Ass-tec” runway look.

The season 8 All Stars react to TikTok trending makeup hacks (like applying makeup with a massage gun and black teardrop makeup.)

In celebration of Pride month, the All Stars spoke with Allure for a very impactful article. It’s well worth the read.

Season two of Queen of the Universe has arrived and these stellar singers have definitely brought the talent. The contestants are the iconic pageant queen Jazell Barbie Royale, the queen with the best drag name ever, Militia Scunt (our interview is coming soon), Drag Race Italia season two runner-up Aura Eternal, Drag Race Holland season two’s Love Massi, Chloe V from Brazil, Maxie from the Philippines, Miss Sistrata from Israel, Taiga Brava from Mexico, Trevor Ashley from Australia and Viola from the UK. Graham Norton is back as host and Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel, Mel B and Vanessa Williams are on the judges’ panel. Watch the first episode here and catch the rest of the season on Paramount+.

Need more drag? Mama Ru has got you covered! Say “bonjour” to the queens competing to be France’s next drag superstar. Season two of Drag Race France is on the way, and this week, we met the 11 queens vying for the crown. The queens are Cookie Kunty, Ginger Bitch, Kelona, Kitty Space, Mami Watta, Moon, Piche, Punani, Rose, Sara Forever and Vespi. Season 12’s Nicky Doll is returning as host and episodes will air in the US on WOW Presents Plus

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Drag Race France Cast
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Orville Peck steps away from the microphone and test his makeup skills as he applies Trixie Mattel’s trademark look – and the end result is quite surprising (and I just love Orville Peck.)

Trixie and Katya take your calls and discuss all things phones on the latest episode of “UNHhhh.”

I think if I hired a Lyft and Bob the Drag Queen was driving I would think I’d died and gone to heaven. If I Hired a Lyft, Bob was driving and testing my trivia skills for cash, I don’t know what I would do. Watch “Lucky Lyft” and test your pop cultural trivia knowledge.

The queen diva herself, Big Freedia, talks fashion, music and Beyoncé with Mo Heart on “The Walk In.”

The musically talented Bob and Monét discuss singing and loads of other random topics on “Sibling Rivalry.”

I would love to hang out with Willam, but since that will probably never happen, I will have to just watch this video on repeat.

Trixie Mattel sits down with Delta Work for a fun interview on “Very Delta.”

I had the pleasure of seeing Nina West in Hairspray this week and she was absolutely amazing. Sadly, she lost her fur kid Edgar this past week and has set up a way for fans to donate to the Columbus Humane Society in Edgar’s honor.  Nina’s foundation is matching donations up to $4,000. If you’ve got a few extra bucks, make a donation for a wonderful cause (and a wonderful person.)

And that’s a wrap on this week’s news. In honor of Pride, we’re leaving you with a new video from Trixie Mattel, covering RuPaul’s “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous.” Util we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, support the queens and say LOVE!



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