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The Week in Drag – Season 15’s Daytona Wind acting challenge, Bob’s new single, WOW Presents Plus’ spring shows and more

The Week in Drag – Season 15’s Daytona Wind acting challenge, Bob’s new single, WOW Presents Plus’ spring shows and more

RuPaul's Drag Race Daytona Wind

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to our latest wrap-up of all things drag! This week, the queens of season 15 brought the funny in a reboot of a season 14 acting challenge and we had to say goodbye to another fierce competitor.

We also take a look back at last week’s girl group challenge and way too short tie-dye runway (but 90-minute episodes are coming in March!) Bob blessed us with a slamming new dance track and Monét spilled all of the tea with our favorite interviewer.

We also have videos from Jaymes Mansfield, Peppermint and the lowdown on the new and returning shows coming to WOW Presents Plus this spring. Start your engines because we are bringing it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens are once again testing their acting skills with the return of “The Daytona Wind.” But first, we have to spend far too many of our paltry 40 minutes with the dolls to revisit last week’s “Metalgate” and the rivalry between Mistress and Malaysia. Their beef has carried over from Untucked and neither one seems to want to bury the hatchet just yet.

Mama Ru enters the werk room and again denies us of a mini-challenge, announcing to the queens that they will be rebooting a season 14 favorite, The Daytona Wind. Yep, it’s an acting challenge. Ru tells the queens that instead of the last “episode,” which was injected with farty sound effects, they’re doing it sitcom style this time. And, since she won last week’s challenge, Aura is responsible for making all of the casting decisions.

If no one fights over roles/songs or lewks, is it an episode of Drag Race? This week, the debate is over who should take the meaty role of Fancy. A lot of the queens desire it, but Aura takes it for herself…but eventually surrenders the coveted role to Mistress. As the queens shoot the episode with Ru, we get the usual struggles. Spice is incapable of taking direction, Jax is serving a terrible stoner and Aura is having a hard time delivering the line “any hole is a goal.” Mistress and Malaysia are killing it, however, much to the delight of Ru, who says they’re deserving of a spin-off. Before the queens take to the runway, the pair squash the tension built up between them, which is a sweet moment.

On the runway, the theme is “Puffer Please” (and Harvey Guillén from What We Do in the Shadows is this week’s guest judge.) Loosey pays tribute to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, Spice is an ice princess, Sasha and Jax serve bee realness and Luxx gives us a futuristic take on Jackie O’s pink suit and pillbox hat look. Malaysia is a lemonade-swilling housewife in the cold, Anetra and Mistress are pretty in pink and Marcia is frostbitten in a fur bikini. Aura wins the week in a fabulous kimono.

As for “The Daytona Wind,” it had its moments. The opening was reminiscent of Too Many Cooks to me (anyone else?) There were odd moments of awkward silence throughout, and some queens barely got any screen time, so it’s hard to properly assess the performances overall. The cameo from Machete himself, Danny Trejo, was a nice touch, but the requisite fart noises were not.    

Mistress got her first win for her hilarious turn as Fancy and Aura, and Jax found themselves in the bottom two. The pair lip-synced to “Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. Aura was good, but Jax had her eye on the prize and flipped, kicked, and split her way to victory. Next week is the LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown, and I can’t wait to see the queens tear up the stage.    

The fabulous Mariah Balenciaga joins Bianca Del Rio to discuss last week’s Golden Girl Group challenge and more on “The Pit Stop.”

Bob and Monét discuss the “Old Friends Gold” episode on “Sibling Watchery.”

I am so glad for these fashion roundups, especially because we hardly get to see the looks on these abbreviated episodes. Raja and Raven toot and boot the “Tie Dye to Die For” runway on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

BAM! Alexis Mateo and Yuhua Hamasaki talk about last week’s runway looks on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Want more? Maddy Morphosis and Miss Liza have opinions about last week’s episode, and in this video, they give us their two cents.  

Rock M Sakura and Cash Monet recap last week’s episode too.

DeJa Skye takes a deep dive into last week’s lip sync between Robin and Jax to the Bangles’ “In Your Room” on “DeJa-Nalysis”.

Our eliminated “Connecti-kitten” Robin Fierce talks to Michelle Visage on “Whatcha Packin’?” We hardly got to know her, so I am so glad we have this chance to spend some more time with her.

WOW Presents Plus announced its spring programming earlier this week. Headlining the new slate is the long-awaited return of the iconic Alyssa Edwards in Alyssa’s Secret – The Reboot, along with new series from familiar faces including Krystal Versace and Kerri Colby, the return of fan-favorite UNHhhh, which is celebrating its 200th episode this season, new international seasons of Drag Race, and more. The one that is really piquing my interest is Manhattan Cable, debuting on February 10. The show, hosted by the amazing Love Connie, collects the wildest clips from New York’s public access and takes us back to a time when New York was dirty, filthy and fun. Now through February 28, 2023, new subscribers can use code “LOVER” for 20% off their first month of WOW Presents Plus.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars

Start your engines for the premiere of Drag Race Sverige, debuting on March 4th at 12:30 pm PT, with a weekly rollout every Saturday at 5 pm PT. The series will exclusively be on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, day and date with its local airing in Sweden. The fabulous queen hosting the season is Robert Fux, who will be judging the queens each week through a variety of gag-worthy challenges and runway categories alongside judges stand-up comedian and radio and television host Farao Groth and Swedish-Nigerian singer and actress Kayo. 

The nine fierce Swedish queens competing for the title of Sweden’s first Drag Superstar are Admira Thunderpussy, Almighty Aphroditey, Antonina Nutshell, Elektra, Endigo, Fontana, Imaa Queen, Santana Sexmachine, and Vanity Vain. Each week, the queens will compete and based on their performances, the judges will choose the leading queens to advance to the next episode until Sweden’s first Drag Superstar is crowned. 

I have friends who call Super Bowl Sunday “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day,” so this one’s for you, Jeff and Don. Peppermint just released her latest tribute to the icon with a faithful recreation of her video for “Rhythm Nation.” Regarding the classic video, Peppermint says, “A lot of people only tune into the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show, which allows us to celebrate some of the most accomplished musicians, Janet Jackson being one of them, so in observation of Janet Jackson Appreciation Day for her groundbreaking Super Bowl performance we decided to pay tribute to one of her most iconic music videos. I remember learning the dance moves to “Rhythm Nation” as a child and never really had the chance to perform it the way that I wanted, and putting together this tribute I’ve also allowed my imagination to come to life. In a time where politics and discrimination divide us, “Rhythm Nation” seems like the perfect song to bring back. The “Rhythm Nation” creed was music, dance, poetry and unity. In an interview Janet mentioned wanting to create a world where people are united by our passions for the Arts and not divided by racism and discrimination and colorism, so in an effort to erase the color lines Janet created the music video in black and white and all of the performers in a military, gender neutral appearance. Obviously, we wanted to pay tribute to that, but this time I wanted to make sure there were non-binary and trans performers in the mix.”

Bob the Drag Queen dropped a new video for the song “Gay Barz” this week. The song, which also features Mikey Angelo, Ocean Kelly, Kamera Tyme and Allx Mllr, slaps.

Monét X Change is the latest guest on Joseph Shepherd’s “Sissy That Talk Show.” She spills tea on the All Stars 7 reunion and so much more – and she’s just a delight.

I recently had the chance to speak with iconic comedian Margaret Cho and she is just the best. If you can’t get enough of her either, check out her chat with Delta Work on the latest “Very Delta.”

Trixie gives her Mom another makeover. I love this so much.

Jaymes gets into some hi-tech wig wizardry, creating a wig generated by Artificial Intelligence and it’s wild.

Jaymes showcases the fierce new Pretty/Funny eye shadow palettes from BOMO Beauty (Bob and Monét’s new collection.)

And that’s a wrap on this week in the world of drag. Until we met again, stay safe, stay healthy and say LOVE!



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