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The Week in Drag – season 15’s Snatch Game, Bob hits the road with the Material Girl, Lady Bunny recaps 2022 and more

The Week in Drag – season 15’s Snatch Game, Bob hits the road with the Material Girl, Lady Bunny recaps 2022 and more

Snatch Game

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome once again to your weekly dose of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as we take a deep dive into the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This week, the queens of season 15 use their celebrity impersonation skills to the test as they played the Snatch Game and the results were [blank]. Some of your favorite Drag Race alums have lots to say about last week’s acting challenge and metallic fashions, so enjoy recaps and reviews from the likes of Raja, Raven, Bianca, Scarlet, Yuhua, Maddy and lots more.

We also check in with Trixie Mattel, who is looking forward to 2023 and Lady Bunny, who takes a look back at the news and events of 2022. Start your engines because we are bringing it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s Snatch Game time (already?)! Since we have to cram a lot into 40 minutes, Ru gets right into things with the queens, splitting them into two groups for a super-sized edition of the challenge that can make or break a queen. 

While Ru doesn’t do her usual werk room walkthrough (and I wonder if she did give the queens advice about their chosen characters before they hit the stage because some of them could have used some words of wisdom), the queens briefly reveal who they are planning on playing. Loosey choosing comedy legend Joan Rivers was (IMHO) the smartest choice because there’s a lot to play with there and it’s someone Ru has a great affection for (make a Laugh-In, Eartha Kitt or Diana Ross reference – or pretty much any pop culture figure from the 70s-90s – and peak Ru’s interest from the get-go.) The other queens promise a mixed bag, from Sasha playing Tammy Faye Messner’s rival, televangelist Jan Crouch to the obligatory social media sensations (Sugar as Trisha Paytas and Aura as Bretman Rock.)

I got whiplash that felt like a Sasha Colby neck crack as we zoomed into round one of the Snatch Game. Our “contestants” are Pit Crew members Bruno Alcantara and Calix Quan (I don’t know about you, but I for one would watch more game shows if the contestants were buff shirtless men…just saying.). Our first group is Marcia as Tim Gunn, Luxx as Amanda Lepore, Malaysia as Saucy Santana, Mistress as Rosie O’Donnell (or Abby Miller), Anetra as “Gorgina” Ramsay, Robin as real housewife Karen Huger and Salina as the Virgin Mary.

I didn’t know what to expect from Marcia, but her Tim Gunn-personation was spot-on.  She had a ton of fun with her character and it showed. While I wasn’t getting a Whole Lotta Rosie, Mistress was also a standout on this panel. Of course, this was a super short snatch, so I feel like a lot of the queens were deprived of the screen time they needed (I really wanted to understand Anetra’s gender-swapped chef.) That said, Salina didn’t quite reach the level of unprofessionalism (® Latrice Royale) of season four, but her antics were less than divine playing the mother of God. I also didn’t get Luxx’s Amanda Lepore.

After the break, we are back with the second set of “celebrities” and they certainly didn’t save the best for last. This round’s contestants were the Pit Crew’s Bryce Eilenberg (who, fun fact, is really a rocket scientist, graduating with a degree in aerospace engineering from UCLA) and Asaf Goren. Our panel is Loosey as Joan Rivers, Sasha as Jan Crouch, Jax as the Mona Lisa, Sugar as Trisha Paytas, Amethyst as “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil, Spice as Miley Cyrus and Aura as Bretman Rock. No surprise, but Loosey’s Joan Rivers stole the show as she cut up with Ru, paid tribute to Joan’s self-deprecating sense of humor and made fun of the other girls. Again, we didn’t see much, but I also liked Sasha’s Jan Crouch and saw something in Amethyst’s Tan Mom. As for the rest…oof. Spice was hoping her foam finger and a mallet could carry her performance (it couldn’t) and Aura was just completely cringe-inducing (and I say all of this out of love.)

After a quick check-in with Loosey, who discusses bullying and her coming out experience (more of this, please) we are off to the runway with Ru, Michelle, Carson and guest judge Amandla Stenberg. The theme this week is “Beautiful Nightmare” and the queens (mostly) made up for their earlier work with these looks. Marcia came out in a very Marcia look but her face was giving us “children’s dentist nightmare”, Luxx was a bride discarded in the river by her husband (attached to a faux cinder block, which was a nice touch) and Malaysia (I think) was a zombified pageant queen. Mistress, Anetra and Robin all went the spider route, Salina paid tribute to Leatherface and Loosey gave us the drag version of Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. Sasha again delivered, this time with a Tim Burton-esque witch and Jax gave us snake lady realness. Sugar and Spice went from Bratz dolls to creepy porcelain dolls and Amethyst recreated a bloody Lady Gaga concert look. Aura’s black gown was truly stunning, with the back revealing her bloody spine. I loved that look.   

The tops this week were Loosey, Marcia and Mistress, with Loosey taking top honors. Aura, Sugar and Spice fell in the bottom and (I think) thanks to her runway look alone, Aura evaded the lip sync. That means it’s twin-on-twin action for this week’s LSFYL.  The pair gave us what looked like a pre-planned, somewhat choreographed number to Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run.” Sugar lost her footing a few times and eventually was told to sashay away. I’m curious to see how Spice fares without her twin. Next week, we head to the ”House of Fashion” so the queens get to give their acting skills a break. 

The lovely Scarlet Envy joins Bianca Del Rio to discuss last week’s afterlife infomercials and metallic looks on “The Pit Stop.”

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Ongina and Yuhua Hamasaki share their “Bootleg Opinions” on the golden looks.

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Season 14’s DeJa Skye (last year’s Snatch Game champ) is giving the recap game a go, debuting her new web series “DeJa-nalysis.” Here she discusses the season’s first two lip syncs.

I haven’t promoted Mano Agapion’s fantastic podcast “Drag Her” in a while, so I am making up for it now.  The amazing Nicole Byer is the guest this week, and she can always elicit a few “tee hee hees” from me, especially while discussing last week’s “acting” challenge. Give it a listen!   

A fitting video for Snatch Game week, the season 15 queens show off their impersonation skills again, giving us their takes on their fellow competitors.

Rock M Sakura and Cash Monet discuss the first two episodes of season 15.

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And that’s it for this week. We will be back to hear what the queens thought of the Snatch Game and lots more. Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!



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