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The Week in Drag – the All Stars’ winning fashions, Morgan McMichaels serves up a Kylie parody, say “hola” to the queens of Drag Race Mexico and more

The Week in Drag – the All Stars’ winning fashions, Morgan McMichaels serves up a Kylie parody, say “hola” to the queens of Drag Race Mexico and more


Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another week of news and updates from the Drag Race universe. This week, our top five All Stars became a top four with a design challenge that paid tribute to former All Star champions.

We also welcomed a new set of queens into the international Drag Race family with the premiere of Drag Race Mexico. In addition, we have Ru-caps of last week’s acting challenge and Miss [insert title here] runway looks from some of your favorite Drag Race alums.

We’ve also got new music from some OG queens (including the first to ever wear the crown) and a new Beatdown from Willam that you are not going to want to miss. Strap in for fun…and let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queens were faced with another design challenge and brought some hall of fame-worthy looks to the runway. As the episode opens, the queens return to the werk room after sending Kahanna Montrese packing. La La is ecstatic to finally have her first (well-deserved) victory. Alexis is grateful that LaLa didn’t send her home (but the lipsticks of the other girls showed that they all picked Kahanna to sashay away.) The maxi challenge win lit a fire under LaLa and she’s hungry for more wins.

Speaking of hungry, the next day as the queens enter the werk room, Jimbo flings bologna all over the place (as Jimbo is wont to do.) It’s random and hilarious, just like Jimbo. Ru enters and tells the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge, they will be tasked with creating from-scratch looks that would fit in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, inspired by past winners.  The Pit Crew brings in chests filled with feathers, fabrics and accessories that reflect the champions’ style. Since LaLa won last week, she gets to assign the trunks to her fellow competitors. She takes Shea Colueé for herself and assigns Kylie Sonique Love to Jessica, Trinity the Tuck to Alexis, Monét X Change to Kandy and Trixie Mattel to Jimbo.

The queens get to work on their looks and get a little help from the OG glamazon, Shannel from season one and the equally iconic Raven. I love seeing these two; they gave the queens some good advice. Jimbo reveals she has an issue with time management and Alexis, who was eliminated in her original season thanks to a design change, has upped her sewing game. Kandy and LaLa are (understandably) concerned. We are also treated to what I can only hope will be a new World of Wonder series, “Tuck Talk with Jimbo and Alexis.”

After lots of hot gluing, sewing and scrambling, the queens take to the runway for their winning looks. Side note; the guest judge this week is Brandon Boyd. To save you Googling, he is the lead singer of Incubus and he’s really cute. Kandy pays tribute to Monét in a black gown, serving “oil spill realness”. She even brings out a sponge as a nod to her inspiration. Jimbo knocks it out of the park again in a pastel, floral print bodysuit/facekini combo (with pearl eyes and smile) and a puffed sleeve pink latex cape. As much as I would have loved to see Jimbo’s take on Trixie’s iconic face, I do love the creativity of this look.

LaLa, who went through two other designs before the one she walked down the runway in, picked a great color (she was truly a tangerine dream with a great orange wig)  but you could tell she was rushed, which is unfortunate – but it was a million times better than the infamous bag dress. Alexis was serving her version of Hello, Dolly in a gorgeous, figure-hugging purple gown with a tulle train. She looked positively exquisite. Jessica also killed in in an asymmetrical dress mixing sparkles and snake print. They’re all winners in my book.

Of course, I don’t get to judge. Ru declared Alexis the winner (finally earning her a win this season) and Jimbo and Jessica were also tops. This left Kandy and LaLa in the bottom. Lexis faced off against lip sync assassin Nicky Doll (who looked radiant) to Nancy Sinatra’s classic song, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”. Both queens made the most of it (and they both ended with the classic pony move, which made me so happy) and Ru chose Alexis as the winner. She revealed her lipstick and sent LaLa home. If you were anywhere near Atlanta, you may have heard me screaming “Noooo!” Our favorite confessional queen is gone and I am sad. Next week, the queens test their comedy chops as they roast Carson Kressley and Kayta stops by for a werk room visit. 

Last week, Week in Drag took a break, so we didn’t recap last week’s “Forensic Queens” episode but I feel you’re in capable hands as Bianca Del Rio and DeJa Skye review the drama, comedy and fashion on “The Pit Stop.”

Bob and Monét spill the tea and give us their two cents about last week’s episode on “Sibling Rivalry.”

Joseph Shepherd and Laganja Estranja discuss the episode and lots more on the latest “Queening Out.”

Raja and Kerri Colby toot and boot the episode’s “Miss ___” runway looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Rock M Sakura and Cash Monet take us back to the “Joan: The Rusical” and Night of 1,000 Grace Jones runway on “The Soup.”

She may not be in the top 4, but Jaymes Mansfield is still a solid contender for Queen of the Fame Games. Watch as she creates her own “You’re a Winner, Baby” look paying tribute to Monét X Change.

This week, we saw the debut of Drag Race Mexico and World of Wonder hosted a premiere screening event at The World of Wonder Gallery in Los Angeles, California on June 20. The event was attended by Frankie Grande, Arisce Wanzer, Guillermo Diaz, Oscar Montoya and beloved drag queens Jessica Wild, Crystal Methyd, Scarlet Bobo, Ongina and many more. New episodes of Drag Race Mexico drop every Thursday on WOW Presents Plus.

Drag Race Mexico premiere party
Photo by Jasten King on behalf of World of Wonder
Drag Race Mexico premiere party
Photo by Jasten King on behalf of World of Wonder
Drag Race Mexico premiere party
Photo by Jasten King on behalf of World of Wonder
Drag Race Mexico premiere party
Photo by Jasten King on behalf of World of Wonder

Watch the Drag Race Mexico queens enter the werk room for the first time.

Willam is back with a Pride edition of “Beatdown” and if you were wondering if she’d dare to take on the Architectural Digest tour of RuPaul’s mansion, wonder no more. She also watches a protestor read some awful protestors and a queen’s unique take on the Sound of Music classic “Do Re Mi.”

It’s that time again, Trixie and Katya fans. Get ready to tee-hee-hee with these random moments from the first half of the season.

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Speaking of Trixie and Katya, they are taking their podcast, “The Bald and the Beautiful” on the road. Their tour kicks off on July 27 in Montreal with stops across the country. Get your tickets here.

Bob and Monét discuss all things Pride on the latest “Sibling Rivalry.”

Season 6’s Adore Delano kikis with Delta Work on “Very Delta.”

We haven’t seen much from Violet Chachki and Gottmik in a while, but they treated us with a double dose of Pride-related content this week. Watch as they get ready for LA Pride and make cocktails with Cardi B.   

Drag Race UK season two winner Lawrence Chaney is Maddy Morphosis’ guest on Give It to Me Straight.”

A few weeks ago, we posted Manila Luzon’s naughty parody of Kylie Minogue’s omnipresent hit, “Padam Padam” and now, another queen is serving her take on the hit. Check out Morgan McMichaels’ “URDUM URDUM”.

BeBe Zahara Benet also treated us to some new music with her new single “Heavy.” We had the chance to chat wih BeBe, so stay tuned for our interview!

I get to see Jimbo next month here in Atlanta and I cannot wait. I am putting it out into the universe that she performs this number here. I will leave oy this week with the all star peroforming “Padam Padam” like you’ve never seen it before. Enjoy and until next week, stay safe stay healthy, support the queens and say LOVE!



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