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The Week in Drag – The return of Secret Celebrity Drag Race, BenDeLaCreme gets artistic, Katya checks in to the Trixie Motel and more

The Week in Drag – The return of Secret Celebrity Drag Race, BenDeLaCreme gets artistic, Katya checks in to the Trixie Motel and more

RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to another week of fabulousness from Ru and the queens of the Drag Race universe…soon poised for world domination!

We now know which All Stars are competing in next week’s finale to become “Queen of All Queens” and we take a look back at last week’s joke-packed roast and brilliant runway looks with the help of Bob, Trinity, Bosco, Yuhua Hamasaki and Milk (who we missed a bunch…glad to see this standout performer again.)

We also have new videos from Trixie and Katya, Bob, Monét and Peppermint, BenDeLaCreme and new music from Priyanka. We’ve got lots to cover, so let’s bring it to the runway!

On the penultimate episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queens were tasked with showcasing their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent for the “Drag Race Gives Back Variety Extravaganza”. As the episode opens, Jinkx, with four legendary legend stars, is definitely heading to the finale and Trinity finally found the jokes and is thrilled that she was top two for last week’s roast.

Poor Shea is the only member of the “one star club” and she fears she’s not going to make it to the top four. Of course, insecurity is running rampant in the werk room, as Jaida, with three stars, is also worried she’s not heading to the finale face-off. Basically, everyone is feeling the pressure and is fully aware of the importance of this last maxi challenge. Ru enters and not only announces the challenge but informs the queens that the top two will receive a whopping three legendary legend stars, so, once again, it’s anyone’s game.

As the queens get their acts together, they also join Ru and Michelle Visage for the obligatory “Tic Tac Chit Chat”. Each of the dolls talks a little bit about their experiences and reveals the charities they’re competing for this week (the winner’s charity receives $30,000).  We then head to the main stage for the show (and I have to mention that the guest judge is the wonderful Hannah Einbinder from Hacks

We already knew these queens were talented, but they all knocked it out of the park. Trinity sang a campy original song about her Southern roots, complete with a “wet (sweet) tea-shirt climax. Yvie, who earlier told Ru that she was having increasing difficulty even standing up due to her medical condition, flipped and twirled with abandon, Jinkx belted her heart out for a fabulous 11 o’clock number and Shea gave us “Luther Vandross meets Janet Jackson” with a song I need in. my life, stat. Jaida incorporated her signature phrase, “Look over there!” into a fierce rap, Raja dazzled in a Balinese temple dance, The Vivienne rocked her single ‘Bitch on Heels” and Monét got a full ru-demption for her AS4 talent show song with a jaw-dropping operatic performance (and Ru dusted off the old opera glasses, especially for the occasion.  

Our top two this week are Monét and Shea, who join Jinkx as three of the top four heading to the finale. Since Monét earned the most stars, she got to pick the queen to join her in the top four and, of course, she picked her AS4 co-winner Trinity into the fold. As for the lip sync, our top two gave us an out-of-this-world performance of Kylie Minogue’s “Supernova.” Shea definitely made up for lost time this week, snatching the victory and $30K for the Period Poverty Project. (All of the other queens got $10,000 for their charities.)  So, it’s Trinity, Shea, Monét and Jinkx heading to next week’s Lip Sync Lalaparooza Smackdown for the Crown but wait…it’s not time for the others to sashay away quite yet, as Yvie, Raja, Jaida and The Vivienne will compete in their own smackdown to become the Queen of She Done Already Had Herses.”  Who do you want to win?  All will be revealed next week on the season seven finale.   

Just in case you aren’t getting enough drag content in your life comes the announcement that season two of Secret Celebrity Drag Race is on the way. There’s been a shake-up of the format, and in a new twist, a la Masked Singer, the secret celebs won’t be revealed until after they are eliminated. The stars will be mentored by Brooke Lynn Hytes, Monét X Change, JuJubee, Katya, Gottmik, Violet Chachki, Morgan McMichaels, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and Eureka will be showing up as well. The winner gets $100K for the charity of their choice. Sounds interesting, right? The new season debuts on Friday, August 12 at 8pm ET on VH1.

This week also saw a new trailer for season two of Drag Race Down Under, which premieres on July 30th on WOW Presents Plus. RuPaul will again host with Michelle Visage and comedian Rhys Nicholson serving as judges. The ten fierce, queens competing for the title of Down Under’s Next Drag Superstar include Aubrey Haive, Beverly Kills, Faúx Fúr, Hannah Conda, Kween Kong, Minnie Cooper, Molly Poppinz, Pomara Fifth, Spankie Jackzon, and Yuri Guaii. As someone who truly enjoyed season one, II am looking forward to this one. 

Bob the Drag Queen and Joel Kim Booster take a look back at last week’s All Stars roast and the gorgeous glowing runway fashions on “The Pit Stop.” 

Season six and All Stars three contestant Milk makes a welcome return to the Drag Race universe as she joins Yuhua Hamasaki to discuss the illuminated looks from last week’s runway on “Bootleg Opinions.” 

Trinity and Bosco join Kara and Batty to spill some tea and talk all things All Stars at the weekly Roscoe’s Viewing Party recorded live from the Chicago landmark. 

Season two of Canada’s Drag Race is underway and Pythia and Suki Doll are here to “Slap or Scrap” the premiere looks. Watch as they run through a lightning round of the queens’ entrance looks and give us an in-depth review of their “Sidewalk to Catwalk” runway looks.

Trixie Mattel is prepping for the next leg of the Trixie & Katya Live tour (and if it’s coming to your town, run, don’t walk and get your tickets.). In this video, she shares her makeup hits and misses as she re-packs her makeup bag for the tour.

Have you checked out Trixie Motel on Discovery+? The whole series is available to view now and, if you need a reason to tune in, watch as Trixie shows Katya around the newly refurbished and fabulous motel.

As much as I love every episode of Trixie and Katya’s “UNHhhh”, watching random outtakes and clips from this most recent season always makes my day. Check out their latest collection of inspired lunacy. 

On the latest episode of their ongoing (and excellent) Black Queer Town Hall series, Bob and Peppermint discuss Macy Gray and Bette Midler’s recent comments regarding the trans community and other important topics. 

Bob and Monét take us back to the unforgettable fashions and drama of season 8’s Book Ball on the latest episode of “Sibling Watchery.” 

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Need more Bob and Monét? On the latest “Sibling Rivalry”, the pair talk about working together, where to find the best eats, pizza etiquette, and lots more.

In Bob’s latest vlog, he takes us backstage at a gig at the Grammy Museum with Manila Luzon and Trinity the Tuck. OMG, Manila’s microphone dress is everything. 

BenDeLaCreme (who is gearing up for the return of “The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Show”) paints a self-portrait, talks about her drag career before she became DeLa, sharing a tour bus with drag queens, her relationship with Jinkx, her affection for Symone and Gottmik and more in the latest episode of PopBuzz’s “Portrait Mode.”

Season 14’s DeJa Skye created an iconic eye and in this video, Rock M Sakura follows along with her makeup tutorial. Can she effectively recreate DeJa’s look? 

DeJa answers fan questions in her latest video. 

Thirsty? Violet and Gottmix mix up some refreshing summer cocktails on the latest “No Gorge.” 

Mama Ru filled in as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday. Check out his opening monologue and his interview with the delightful Hannah Waddingham from Ted Lasso (and a guest judge on Drag Race UK.) Make sure to stick around for the surprise cameo!

Season four winner Sharon Needles’ new album Absolute Zero was released on Friday. The new disc is Sharon’s first in three years and features the singles “Flamin’ Hot” and “Absolute Zero” as well as seven brand new disco-laden and Studio 54, Euro-Disco inspired tracks including a re-imagined cover of the Blue Oyster Cult classic, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” Of the album, Sharon said, “Who says you can’t open an album with a ballad?  Not Miley Cyrus, hello Wrecking Ball.  When you’ve lost everything, there is nothing to lose except weight…uh oh spaghetti-o’s.  The universal relationship between us all is death and if you are lucky, you can dip your toe into the shallow end of love.  Though I may not be wearing a ring on one of my ten fingers, doesn’t mean I’m not wearing one…just look down.   I still believe in love, just ask my mom.  Absolute Zero is finite, like love, like death.  I’ll see you at the Event Horizon (tickets going fast).” 

And with that, we come to the end of another recap of the week in drag news and updates. We’ll leave you this week with the fourth video from Canada’s Drag Race season one winner Priyanka’s fab EP, Taste Test. Watch “Snatch” and stay tuned for our interview with Priyanka, coming this week. And, until we meet again…stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE! 



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