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Watch Tom Hiddleston read a ‘bedtime story’ for CBeebies

Watch Tom Hiddleston read a ‘bedtime story’ for CBeebies

Tom Hiddleston reads a bedtime story for CBeebies

Marvel star Tom Hiddleston has just landed a new job on the BBC… and its worlds away from his usual roles.

The Loki actor is set to star on CBeebies, telling a tale as part of their Bedtime Stories series today (Jun. 25, 2021).

Hiddleston will be reading Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the story of a much-loved superhero, with the main characters being a superhero potato and a supervillain pea.

In the clip below you can see him introducing the story.

“Hello, I’m Tom,” he says. “Tonight’s Bedtime Story is all about a supervillain. This guy is really naughty, very cheeky and bright green. But never fear, because where there’s trouble, a superhero is sure to follow. The story is called Supertato and it’s by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.”

The clip then jumps ahead to the end of the story, with Hiddleston signing off and wishing viewers a good night.

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“Wow, that little pea caused a lot of mayhem!” he says. “But luckily, Supertato was there to save the day! And now it’s time for you to go to sleep. Perhaps you’ll dream of mischievous villains, or brave superheroes tonight. Good night little peas.”

Tom Hiddleston reads CBeebies Bedtime Story preview clip



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