Tom Hiddleston Stars in a Truly Bizarre Centrum Women’s Vitamin Ad — WATCH

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Tom Hiddleston Centrum
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A new commercial for Centrum multivitamins shows Tom Hiddleston as an attentive partner from a first-person perspective.

The video picks up as an unseen woman wakes up and finds him in the kitchen.

He places an elaborate breakfast in front of her, reminds her to take her Centrum and warmly compliments her before leaving the house for the day.

Tom Hiddleston BAFTA Film Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals
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The dialogue is in Hiddleston's native English, but subtitled in Chinese.

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In the commercial, a mysterious figure wakes up and begins recording her walk to the kitchen where Hiddleston is preparing a full breakfast platter complete with cucumbers, corns, carrots, raspberries, and an egg.

“I finished early so I thought I'd pop back in and make you breakfast,” he told his partner.

What did he finish early? Is he really a night manager?

Then, he picks up the Centrum bottle and slides it in front of his lady before reminding her, “You look great.”

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He then grabs his jacket by the door and tells his partner that he's “gonna be a bit busy for the next few weeks but I'll make it up to you.”

Where is he going for the next few weeks? There are so many questions.

The ad, which was posted to Hiddleston's official weibo, has drawn mixed reactions.

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While some viewers are creeped out by being represented onscreen by a silent pair of hands, many are just glad to take any opportunity for more Hiddleston.

“Are we all dating Tom Hiddleston now?” one Twitter user responded.

“If we take Centrum, do we get to take a Hiddleston home?”

Watch Tom Hiddleston make breakfast in this Centrum commercial.

YouTube video

Here are some of the best internet reactions to the ad:

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