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Travis Scott seemingly disses Timothée Chalamet on Utopia track ‘Meltdown’

Travis Scott seemingly disses Timothée Chalamet on Utopia track ‘Meltdown’

Travis Scott and Timothee Chalamet

Travis Scott‘s latest album, Utopia, is grabbing headlines, and not just for its impressive music. The rapper is making his feelings known about Kylie Jenner‘s new beau, Timothée Chalamet, crystal clear in one of the tracks.

On “Meltdown,” Travis targets Timothée while also dissing the actor’s upcoming role as Willy Wonka in a reboot of the beloved fable.

The lyrics leave little room for interpretation as Travis refers to Timothée as an “oompa loompa” and questions whether he can match up to Travis’ status. The verse goes, “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs got the/ Willy Wonka factory (Vs)/ Burn an athlete like it’s calories find another flame hot as me, bitch!!!”

Timottée Chalamet at the Bones and All Venice Film Festival Premiere
Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images

“AP” refers to Audemars Piguet, a luxury watch brand favored by many in the hip-hop community, known for its exorbitant prices comparable to a substantial mansion. On the other hand, Travis seems unimpressed with Timothée’s role as Willy Wonka, dismissing it as too corny for his taste.

Reports about Kylie and Timothée’s alleged romance began circulating in April, with sightings of her car parked at his residence and their taco run together.

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While Kylie and Travis have been co-parenting their daughter amicably, without expectations of rekindling their romantic relationship, it’s evident that Travis is not entirely pleased with Kylie moving on with the Little Women actor.



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