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The US men’s Olympic gymnastic team is full of talent and eye candy — PHOTOS

The US men’s Olympic gymnastic team is full of talent and eye candy — PHOTOS

US men's Olympic gymnastic team

If you’re not familiar with the US men’s Olympic gymnastic team, you are missing out. Say hello to Brody Malone, Sam Mikulak, Yul Moldauer and Shane Wiskus.

Gymnast Sam Mikulak, who is in Tokyo for his third and sadly last Olympic Games, had a great suggestion back in 2016 as to how they could garner a greater following for their sport.

“Maybe compete with our shirts off,” Mikulak told The Wall Street Journal. “People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.”

The team competition ended Wiskus’ first Olympic experience. He missed qualifying for the individual event finals in floor exercise by .033 of a point.

While the team came in 5th in the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics earlier today (Jul. 26, 2021), tune in Wednesday (Jul. 28, 2021) to see Sam Mikulak and Brody Malone will compete in the all-around finals.

Plus, Malone will compete in the all-around and horizontal bar event, Moldauer in floor, and Alec Yoder — who was not part of the official team but is competing as an individual for the U.S. — qualified for the pommel horse event final.

Enjoy the “yokeness” of the US Men’s Olympic gymnastic team!

Brody Malone

Sam Mikulak

Yul Moldauer

Shane Wiskus

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