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The Week in Drag – Meet the queens of Drag Race Down Under, get the latest on Drag Race UK, binge with Trixie and Katya and more

The Week in Drag – Meet the queens of Drag Race Down Under, get the latest on Drag Race UK, binge with Trixie and Katya and more

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down UnderCR: World of Wonder

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to The Week in Drag, our weekly wrap-up of the best in drag! Even though we don’t have our usual star-studded Ru-caps of season 13, we have lots of queens weighing in on the Lockdown Super She-roes of Drag Race UK as well as new videos, updates, and ferocity from some of your faves.

We’ve got so much charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent waiting for you, so let’s bring it to the runway!

Late Friday night, Michelle Visage and new judge Ryhs Nicholson introduced us to the queens competing to be the first Aussie champion on the upcoming RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.  After checking out this batch of talent, I can’t recommend getting a subscription to WOW Presents Plus more.

I unapologetically stan Gottmik, and the photos of her Drag Race looks that accompany this great Vogue profile cement my adoration. In the interview, they say, “When I watched Drag Race in the past, there were always a few queens that would really open up my mind and show me a new side of drag. The fact that I can be my authentic self and show my artistry, too, is mind-blowing.” We’re so glad you’ve got this platform to showcase your artistry. 

Last week on Drag Race UK, the British Library was opened as the queens read each other for the mini challenge. Sporting 3-D glasses, each queen threw shade and Sister Sister was the shadiest of them all as she was crowned the challenge winner. The maxi-challenge had the queens creating their own “Lockdown Super She-roes” made of mismatched items hoarded during lockdown.

Drag Race royalty Raven stopped by to offer the queens some advice before hitting the runway. A’Whora’s stunning blue ensemble earned her a coveted RuPeter Badge this week. Tayce and Sister Sister went head-to-head in the lip-sync battle to “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself” performed by Jess Glynne. Ultimately Sister Sister was told to sashay away. Let’s see what the queens had to say about the episode and the super fashions on the runway.  

Bob the Drag Queen and the stunning Naomi Smalls (in a gorgeous UK-themed corset top) discuss the episode and debate about what queen should take over the show if Ru should ever relinquish her hosting duties (I am pushing for Bob or Peppermint, in case you wanted to know) on the latest “Purse First Impressions.”

Raja and The Vivienne “toot” and “boot” the design challenge looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Yuhua Hamasaki and Canada’s Drag Race queen Scarlet Bobo rate the “Lockdown Super She-roes” on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Our eliminated queen, Sister Sister, spills some behind the scenes tea, talks about A’Whora cribbing her looks and nominates her sisters for superlatives on “Drag Race Yearbook.”

The Scottish delight, Lawrence Chaney, recreates her lockdown she-ro look in this entertaining tutorial.

Bimini Bo Boulash and Lawrence Chaney (a/k/a the top 2 on Drag Race UK) play a game of “Slap or drag” giving their thoughts on current topics like virtual drag, bottomless brunches, PR packages, vegan cheese, top 40 songs  and Eurovision.

Since there was no new Drag Race last week, Bob and Monét devote the latest episode of “Sibling Watchery” to reminiscing about how they made it to the main stage of the show.

Need a new show to binge? Trixie and Kayta have convinced me that I need to watch the new Netflix reality series Buried by the Bernards. Watch as they react to the show and discuss life after death on “I Like to Watch.”

Trixie and Canada’s Drag Race champion Priyanka get into drag together using Trixie Cosmetics’ new, blue Daytime Realness eye shadow palette.

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Speaking of makeup, Gigi Goode has a new makeup collab with Christian Audette. Check out the new lipsticks and gloss and watch as Gigi creates her gorgeous promo look.

Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint have a chat about some of today’s hottest topics, including relationships in the age of quarantine, the controversy surrounding Sia’s movie Music, racism on the Broadway stage and the overdue apologies to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

Bob and Monét talk all things wokeness – including the controversy surrounding some of Gottmik’s merch – on ‘Sibling Rivalry.”

Heidi N Closet talks about the fine art of flirting on the latest episode of her charming web series, “Gap Chat.”

One person who might just watch more YouTube videos than I do, Willam, is back with another “Beatdown.” This week, she takes on a skincare tutorial that’s anything but, how not to tip a drag queen in a club (featuring Priyanka) and a fight with real-life bumper cars.

I need to figure out how I can get some of the fabulous PR packages that Willam does. I mean, checkout this jewelry haul she received from Kikki Couture. I need those eye earrings in my life.

Jaymes Mansfield is back with a double dose of wig artistry. First up, she recreates Ashnikko’s blue hairdo from her “Daisy” video. And, in the second one, she gives us her blonde interpretation of Cardi B’s doll head topped wig from her “Up” video.

And this brings us to the end of our roundup of the best in drag news. Join us again next week for more from your favorite queens. Until then, stay healthy, stay safe, wear a mask and say LOVE!

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