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The Week in Drag – Checking in on Drag Race UK, Trixie and Katya’s latest Netflix binge, Willam’s latest craft project, and more

The Week in Drag – Checking in on Drag Race UK, Trixie and Katya’s latest Netflix binge, Willam’s latest craft project, and more

Bob the Drag Queen and Aquaria

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another action-packed news in the Week in Drag. With both RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag Race UK bringing us new queens to stan, there’s news of another spinoff, bringing us ever closer to an “All Ru, All the Time” network.

In addition to some of our favorite queens discussing the fits and fashions of our new queens stateside and across the pond, we’ve also got updates, videos and more from some of your favorites. Let’s get into it and bring it to the runway! 

In Ru’s ongoing quest for world drag domination, this week, the latest international spinoff was announced. RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, which will stream exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the US, will see the fiercest queens across Australia and New Zealand going head-to-head, in the hopes of taking home the title of Down Under’s first Drag Superstar. Hosted by executive producer RuPaul with Drag Race veteran Michelle Visage on the judges’ panel, production kicked off this week in New Zealand and the show is set to premiere later this year. Michelle discussed the new project in this Australian television interview.

Back in the US, things are heating up on season 13 of Drag Race and the series alums have lots to say about last week’s episode. From the “Phenomenon” number to the lady/vamp fashion show and sheer runway looks, there was definitely a lot to talk about. Here’s the rundown:   

Trixie Mattel welcomes Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka to talk about episode 3 on “The Pit Stop.”

Monét X Change and Bob the Drag Queen share their thoughts on the episode on “Sibling Watchery.”

Another queen who has no problem sharing her honest opinion is Nina Bo’Nina Brown. Serving us a Janet Jackson “Together Again” inspired look, she takes us through the episode on. Her latest “Rawview.”

Raja and Raven have a monumental job on this week’s “Fashion Photo Ruview” as they “toot” and “boot” not only the sheer runway looks but do a “speed round” dedicated to the mini-challenge fashion show’s lady and vamp creations.

Yuhua Hamasaki discusses the drama on “Review with a Yu.”

Yuhua and Jackie Cox discuss the episode’s fashions on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Season 13 queen Rosé, who has a quite impressive set of pipes (despite what Simon Cowell had to say), gives us this fabulous cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Gimme What I Want.” What I want is more Rosé. 

Rosé brings us into her own work room and shows us how she creates a beautiful face on “Cosmo Queens.”

Drag Race UK has kicked off its second season and introduced us to some amazing queens. Bob and Aquaria dissect the dolls’ entrance looks and runway fashions on “Purse First Impressions.”  

Last season’s champion, The Vivienne joins Raja to “toot” and “boot” the UK queens’ fashions on an international “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Yuhua Hamasaki and Laganja Estranga review the runway looks on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Sadly, we had to say “cheerio” to the fabulous Joe Black, who delivered an unappreciated tribute to David Bowie on the UK runway on the premiere episode. Get to know more about this (already missed) queen in this fun interview.  

Scotland’s own Lawrence Chaney recreates her “Queen of Your Hometown” runway makeup. She is one of Ru’s favorites and it’s not hard to see why. I could listen to that accent all day long. 

I thought I watched everything there was on Netflix, but, thanks to Trixie and Katya, I found a new favorite binge. Watch as the two watch and review Netflix’s latest reality show, Bling Empire, on “I Like to Watch”

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Colton Underwood

I love Trixie’s makeup reviews and I can never see her create her signature look enough. This time, she uses products from the PUR x Barbie collection.

One of my personal favorite OG queens, season one’s kooky, crazy Tammie Brown is Jonny McGovern’s guest on a hilarious episode of “Hey Qween.”

Willam gets artsy in her latest “Crafternoonting” video, painting her staircase with all of the colors of the rainbow (and adds lots of sparkle, as one should.)  

In an extra that originally appeared on Willam’s “Race Chaser” Patreon, Alaska snatches Willam’s natural hair into a sleek ponytail.

If you miss kiking with your friends, let Willam and Yuhua Hamasaki help you overcome your loneliness as the get ready together.

Monét shows you how to create the perfect cut crease (and talks about why she thinks Rihanna hates her) on her latest “Get Ready with Me” video.

Jaymes Mansfield gives us an animated video where she creates Marge Simpson’s iconic blue beehive.

More Jaymes? Sure! Watch as the works her magic on a Marilyn Monroe costume wig that is pretty tragic.

Well, that wraps up another week from the queens of the worldwide drag universe. Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, wear a mask and say LOVE!

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