Adele loves being a class mom and volunteering at her son’s school

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The world may know her as a superstar, but deep down, Adele is just like us—someone who genuinely cares and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

In her latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Adele's humility shines through. Despite being honored with the prestigious Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, she remains grounded and recognizes the incredible company she finds herself in alongside legends like Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, and Viola Davis.

“It's the most insane list of previous winners,” Adele humbly admits. “I genuinely knew who Sherry Lansing is. For her to even consider me in any fashion is kind of funny.”

Settling into life in Los Angeles, Adele has discovered the beauty of building friendships with other moms. In fact, she's found her place among a group of moms who happen to be famous too. But what truly lights up her world is being involved in her son's school activities.

Thriving as a “class mom,” Adele brings her caring spirit to every school event. From making 60 chicken kebabs for her kid's class to participating in community-oriented initiatives, she finds joy and fulfillment in being part of the school's vibrant atmosphere.

“Now there are so many things his school does the most, with community vibes, which is fantastic. The kids don’t care,” she said. “The kids don’t give a flying f**k who I am. And I get, not insecure, but I get nervous around loads of adults and strangers that I don’t know. And so making food for school events, it’s my dream.”

And it's not just within her son's school that Adele extends her care. Rising artists also benefit from her support. “I’m not going to say who they are — I see a lot of the girls, up-and-coming singers, I get in touch with them because no one ever did that to me, gave me any advice or any secret nuggets of truth or tricks of how to survive it in any way,” she said.

“So I have them ’round and we have some wine and I talk to them.”



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