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Adele pauses her Las Vegas concert on hold to tell security to leave a fan alone

Adele pauses her Las Vegas concert on hold to tell security to leave a fan alone


Adele put her concert in Las Vegas on Saturday (Aug. 26, 2023) on hold to tell security to leave one of her fans alone, videos shared on social media show.

Adele was performing her song “Water Under the Bridge” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where she has a residency when she spotted a fan being disciplined by security.

In footage of the incident, shared by the@adeleslittleloveee fan account on TikTok, the fan can be seen standing up to sing and dance to the song.

At one point, a female security guard can be seen approaching him and talking to him, the footage shows. Later on, a male security guard can be seen speaking to him and asking him to sit.

“I’ll stay calm, I’ll stay calm,” the fan responds, the video shows.

The footage shows that the interaction drew the attention of Adele, who stopped the music and spoke directly to the security guard on the mic.

In another video, initially shared on Instagram by @camilarossiii but since shared on other social media platforms, Adele can be seen pointing toward the incident.

In the video, the singer can be heard saying: “What is going on with that young fan there? He’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up.”

She adds: “Why are you bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?”

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Before restarting her concert, the video shows that Adele left the fan with some reassuring words: “They won’t bother you anymore, darling, you enjoy the show.”

She continued: “He’s here to have fun, all of you are here to have fun. Let’s start again.”

Adele then began singing the song again from the top.



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