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Ah. So. John Mayer and Halsey Are Mega-Flirting — End Notes

Ah. So. John Mayer and Halsey Are Mega-Flirting — End Notes

Halsey and John Mayer

Welcome to our end of day roundup! Catch up on all the entertainment and celebrity news that you may have missed today.

That is the sound the world shuddering. G-Easy who? It looks like Halsey is rebounding, or at least Insta-flirting, with the one and only John Mayer.

Jenni Pulos is speaking out for the first time about parting ways with Jeff Lewis, months after their feud began, and denies making claims of abuse against him. “Citing abuse claim, wrong. Citing victimization claim, wrong.

Breaking Bad is coming back! This time, as a movie.

Good news for Weeknd fans! He’s working on a new album which apparently will be called Chapter 6.

Aww. Kylie Jenner got one helluva romantic surprise last night from her baby-daddy Travis Scott. A house filled with roses!

Why even bother people? Chrissy Teigen will always clap back with a better response to your trolling. “You no longer breastfeed?” someone wrote in the caption of Legend’s post. And Chrissy responded with this:

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