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And Just Like That… won’t ignore Kim Cattrall’s absence

And Just Like That… won’t ignore Kim Cattrall’s absence

Kim Cattrall
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Kim Cattrall‘s absence will be addressed on And Just Like That…

The 65-year-old actress has chosen not to reprise the role of Samantha Jones for the ‘Sex and the City’ revival series, and Kristin Davis – Kim’s former co-star – has revealed that her absence won’t be ignored on the show.

Asked about Kim’s decision to opt-out of the new series, Kristin told the ‘Today’ show: “We love Samantha. Samantha is never not going to be a part in some way, right?”

Kristin didn’t reveal how Kim’s absence would be explained. However, she confirmed that it wouldn’t be overlooked during the series.

She said: “There is respect for Samantha, there is … it’s part of the story.”

The actress also insisted that in spite of Kim’s absence, she and her castmates still respect the contribution she made to the success of ‘Sex and the City’.

She said: “We would never disrespect Samantha.”

Last month, Kristin admitted to being frustrated by the criticism of ‘And Just Like That…’.

The actress has reprised the role of Charlotte Goldenblatt for the ‘Sex and the City’ revival series, but Kristen suggested that the show has been treated differently to movie remakes.

She explained: “People are like, ‘Why should they come back?’ and it really bugs me. Are women’s lives not interesting now? Nobody ever asks, ‘Why would you do this violent remake over and over again?’”

Kristin – who stars in the new series alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon – believes there’s a “reluctance” to see how female characters can develop over time.

The actress – who also starred in the ‘Sex and the City’ films – reflected: “For me that is so indicative of our reluctance to sit and watch women’s lives develop over time.”



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