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Kim Cattrall and SATC Kiss and Make Up

Kim Cattrall and SATC Kiss and Make Up

Sex and the City

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Even though I feel like I saw reports of this a few days ago, I’m still really excited to be posting about it. The movie for the famed television show, Sex and the City, has been about as tumultuous as Big and Carrie’s relationship.

But now, it seems our favorite fab four are back together for a much-anticipated reunion on the big screen. The turnaround appears to be resting on the usually bare shoulders of one Ms. Kim Cattrall. Kim was rumored to be the cog in the wheel during the whole “Will they? Won’t they?” period.

“Kim has been a holdout the whole time,” an insider tells Life & Style. “She has always been hesitant. She’s always wanted script approval, but the producers were never willing to let her have control.

Gee, Kim, I guess that ice-skating movie with Michelle Trachtenberg wasn’t exactly the film-career-maker it promised to be, now was it?

This article was originally published on November 16, 2006.



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