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Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly ‘done’ after Netflix special

Ellen DeGeneres made a return to stand-up comedy with a three-night engagement in Santa Rosa recently, and made a pretty…

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Zac Efron’s first on-set kiss was a pretty embarrassing one

When asked about his most mortifying professional experience, Zac Efron promptly recounted an incident from his inaugural on-screen kiss.

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Travis Kelce appears emotional during Taylor Swift’s Amsterdam mashup featuring a lyrical nod to him

As Taylor Swift concluded her final Amsterdam Eras tour performance on July 6, she delivered her most heartfelt tribute yet…

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Male Model Monday: Francisco Lachowski, Alexander Ruygrok, Christopher Araya-Colvin, and more

In the latest edition of Male Model Monday, we feature photos from some of the sexiest male models like Francisco…

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John Cena announces he’s retiring from WWE in 2025

The curtain is set to fall on John Cena's illustrious in-ring career. The iconic professional wrestler revealed his forthcoming retirement…

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Shawn Mendes, Ronnie Woo, Gus Kenworthy, Austin Mahone, and more Insta Snaps

In appreciation of these easy-on-the-eye male celebrities, we bring you Insta Snaps featuring Shawn Mendes, Ronnie Woo, Gus Kenworthy, Austin…

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Madonna celebrates ‘miraculous recovery’ one year after her near-fatal ‘serious bacterial infection’

Pop icon Madonna is looking back (and looking AMAZING) on her incredible recovery, marking a year since she was discharged…

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Instahotties of the Week: 2(X)IST underwear models

It has been challenging, but we’ve spent all week scouring Instagram to bring you this week’s Instahotties, the 2(X)IST underwear…

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Kevin Bacon disguised himself as a regular person for a day: ‘This sucks’

Kevin Bacon, the beloved star of Footloose, recently decided to take a walk in the shoes of an everyday person,…

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The Man With 1000 Kids donor Jonathan Jacob Meijer plans to sue Netflix

Meijer, whose attempts to continue sperm donations have been stymied by several European countries, admits to the Independent that he…

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Nico Pasqual: Male Model Spotlight

Every week, in our Male Model Spotlight, we feature one of our favorite male models who is bound to make…

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Brandi Glanville is blaming her uncontrollable stress on Bravo and threatens to sue

These days, when you hear Brandi Glanville's name and Bravo in the same sentence, you know a lawsuit will also…

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