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Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin Casts Peloton Wife in Genius Ad – WATCH

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin Casts Peloton Wife in Genius Ad – WATCH

Aviation Gin ad featuring Peloton Wife

The Peloton ad wife has had a very, very rough week, and an Aviation Gin martini is just the cure for it.

If for some reason you have not seen or heard about the Peloton holiday ad, watch it below now.

Some have people condemned the ad, entitled “The Gift That Gives Back,” as “sexist,” by suggesting that the video implied that the husband wanted his wife to lose weight. While others compared it to the dystopian Netflix show Black Mirror.

Peloton Ad

A number of people expressed sympathy for the woman “Grace in Boston,” who came to be known as “Peloton Wife.” She is played by California-based actress Monica Ruiz.

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin to the Rescue

Well, Ryan Reynolds heard your call and came to the rescue with a cocktail and a genius new ad for his Aviation gin brand.

Quite impressively he was able to cast and produce his new commercial while the Peloton ad was still “enjoying” its viral moment.

The commercial aptly called “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” opens on Grace’s traumatized, forlorn face. She doesn’t have to even utter “Peloton” for us to get her message.

Peloton Ad

Grace is out with two friends at a bar, and they are worried. As she stares into the middle distance, the exchange a look of concern.

But then Grace opens her mouth to talk.

“This gin is really smooth,” she says, referring to the martini sitting in front of her.

“We can get you another one if you like,” one of the friends says.

“You’re safe here,” says the other (they’re hurting Pelton Husband’s feelings!).

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Aviation Gin ad featuring Peloton Wife

“To new beginnings!” Grace says, leading a toast (and clearly borrowing from Victor’s take, in which Grace serves her husband with divorce papers by the end of the ad). She proceeds to down her entire martini, then starts in on her friend’s.

At the end of the 40-second spot, there’s one last dig at Peloton:

“You look great, by the way!” one of the friends says. We can only presume that Grace proceeded to finish that drink.

Watch the Aviation Gin commercial below.

Well done, Ryan Reynolds and Monica Ruiz!

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