Bear in Hammock Revels in the Last Lazy Days of Summer Brilliantly — WATCH

Bear in Hammock

A black bear decided to take a nap in a cozy hammock in someone’s backyard. I’m thinking many of us can relate to the hammock napping. Well done, bear.

In the clip, you can see a black bear shamelessly cozying up inside a woven hammock in what is clearly a suburban backyard. That backyard belongs to Michelle Baber of Asheville, North Carolina, who caught the whole episode on camera, and says that while bear sightings are fairly common in the area, this is the first time she’s seen one take a load off in her hammock. And much like some hammock-loving humans, it also had a little trouble adjusting to the wobbly web beneath it.

“It went to the hammock and got in and then fell out once,” she told The News & Observer in an interview. “There was another bear waiting for him and he moved on. I went to the back of the house to tell my husband and when I walked back up I saw him again.”

Watch the bear in action below.