Billie Eilish responds to Kanye West’s Travis Scott apology demand

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Billie Eilish responds to Kanye West’s Travis Scott apology demand

Kanye West called out Billie Eilish for her alleged Travis Scott jibe and now she’s already responded to his post.

Earlier this week, a clip went viral of Eilish stopping her Atlanta concert when she spotted a fan struggling near the front of the stage. After pausing her performance, Eilish could be heard saying, “You need an inhaler? Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one?” to her team.

“It’s ok you got one, guys, give her some time, don’t crowd,” Eilish implored as her team delivered an inhaler to the fan. It was then that the pop star seemingly jibed Scott about the Astroworld tragedy. “I wait for people to be okay before I keep going,” she said.

That comment didn’t go down well with Scott’s mate Ye. Earlier today, he took to social media to voice his displeasure at Eilish, demanding that she apologize for what she said. “COMEON BILLIE WE LOVE YOU PLEASE APOLOGIZE TO TRAV AND TO THE FAMILIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN TRAV DIDN’T HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING WHEN HE WAS ON STAGE AND WAS VERY HURT BY WHAT HAPPENED,” he wrote on Instagram.

Ye continued by insisting that “TRAV WILL BE WITH ME AT COACHELLA.” Scott was dropped from the festival’s 2022 lineup in the aftermath of the Astroworld tragedy. A petition popped up recently demanding that he should be featured on the Coachella 2023 lineup. “I NEED BILLIE TO APOLOGIZE BEFORE I PERFORM,” Ye threatened in conclusion.

It left us wondering if this would be the beginning of a quite unexpected musical beef and in less than an hour, Eilish has already responded. “Literally never said a thing about travis. was just helping a fan,” she stated in a comment on Ye’s original post.

Her comment alone has already received nearly 3,000 replies, although Ye has yet to respond to it. Expect that to change very soon. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

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Coachella 2022 is set to take place between Friday, April 15th and Sunday, April 24th. Eilish is scheduled to headline on Saturday, April 16th and 23rd, while Ye is scheduled to headline on Sunday, April 17th and 24th.



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