Bobby Brown opens up in new A&E Biography: ‘It was time to clean out my closet’

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Bobby Brown is about to take over A&E.

On May 30-31, the network will broadcast a four-part Biography look at the entertainer's tumultuous life, followed by the premiere of new reality show Bobby Brown: Every Little Step, which chronicles Brown's current life with second wife Alicia Etheredge, also his manager, and their three young children.

It's a miracle Brown is still around to tell his tale. He kicked drugs while in prison, but then fell into an addiction to alcohol. He tells the New York Post he also believes he was, for many years, a sex addict.


Brown has outlived ex-wife Whitney Houston, daughter Bobbi Kristina and son Bobby Jr. He is currently clean and sober, and beyond all the salacious looks back at his affairs with Madonna, Janet Jackson and more, he hopes the audience will be uplifted.


“I want them to take away my resilience,” he said. “I’m a human being that goes through ups and downs. And I just try to stay strong. I pray a lot, and I work hard at being better for myself — and being better for my family.”

One of the surprises of the documentary is that the woman he describes as the crush of his life is not Houston but rather Jackson. He attributes the end of their relationship to social incompatibilities that simply could not be overcome.


Brown later met Houston at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards and confesses sex was a major driver of their intense relationship as well.

“Our sex life was pretty intense,” he recalled. “It didn’t matter where we were.”

Another portion of the documentary focuses on how Brown became flush with cash after leaving New Edition and hitting it big, at 18, as a solo artist. “I'd be driving down the street on the tour bus, see somebody in a car and like the car, pull the car over and buy the car,” he recalled in a clip shared with Yahoo! News.

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