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Cara Delevingne lives in an adult playhouse featuring a ‘vagina tunnel’ and more

Cara Delevingne lives in an adult playhouse featuring a ‘vagina tunnel’ and more

Cara Delevingne LA Home

Model and actress Cara Delevingne opened up her very unique home to Architectural Digest and to say it is unique is quite the understatement.

The Suicide Squad star’s LA home, which was built in the Thirties, was heavily inspired by her favorite artists, musicians and directors to create the visually fantastic space. It includes a ball pit, a poker room and a “vagina tunnel” that leads to a different part of the house.

Among the curiosities are original artworks by James Turrell, Gucci wallpaper, and a see-through Wurlitzer piano.

Cara Delevingne LA Home

Delevingne offered a look at her “favorite” bathroom that pays tribute to the late David Bowie, complete with lightning wall fixtures and a Ziggy Stardust mask.

She also cited Hugh Hefner as a big inspiration, referring to the home as her “Playboy Mansion.”

Cara Delevingne LA Home

The 28-year-old collaborated with architect Nicolò Bini on the home, commenting: “If I was Alice in Wonderland, he’d be the Mad Hatter.”

Via her living room, Delevingne opens up a panel in the wall, revealing a giant, anatomically correct secret pink tunnel – which she then crawls inside:

“I come in here to think, I come in here to create, I come in here to feel inspired in the vagina tunnel,” Delevingne tells the camera. “I’m going to show you where this lovely labia leads – see you there!”

Cara Delevingne LA Home

Another whole room of the house is a dedicated ball pit. Because, why not?

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She also showed off her David Lynch-inspired poker room and her vast kitchen with striking blue cabinets and a matching Aga.

Cara Delevingne LA Home

“Every room has a different theme, jungle theme, Beverley Hills Hotel, obviously a typically English theme but also very LA,” she said.

The landscape design in her garden, complete with a swimming pool, was the brainchild of Anton Prack.

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