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The Week in Drag Mini: Drag Race Down Under asks ‘How’s Your Head (Piece)?’

The Week in Drag Mini: Drag Race Down Under asks ‘How’s Your Head (Piece)?’

Raja and Raven

On last week’s episode of Drag Race Down Under, the remaining five queens showcased their (somewhat questionable) talents in front of Ru, Michelle, and Rhys.

Karen from Finance crafted a lone balloon animal, Kita Mean did a quick change routine, Art Simone put her fist in her mouth, Electra Shock did an interpretive dance and Scarlet Adams did a dramatic pole dancing routine. On the runway, the queens brought out their most elaborate headwear and tuned out some stunning fashions. Between her amazing talent demonstration and feathered showgirl runway look, Scarlet Adams was the week’s winner.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Electra Shock, leaving Art, Kita and Karen joining Scarlet in the final four.

Some of our favorite fashionable alums rated and reviewed the episode’s runway looks. First off, Raven (who made a guest appearance on the episode) and Raja “toot” and “boot” the looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

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