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Tom Cruise Does Some Shirtless Ziplining Stunts

I have to give it to Tom Cruise for his fearlessness in doing his own stunts.

Michael Prieve 1 Min Read

Madonna Wants Another Baby — SL Flashback

And what Madonna wants, she usually gets. At 46, things are a little more difficult. Hence the usage of old…

Miu von Furstenberg 3 Min Read

Sleepy Celebrities — SL Photo Flashback

Celebrities lead a hectic lifestyle with their working schedules being all over the place. So it is no wonder that…

Michael Prieve 1 Min Read

A Shirtless Andy Roddick Bangs That Ball — SL Photo Flashback

Andy Roddick practicing in 2008 and 2009 ahead of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.

Michael Prieve 2 Min Read

Eve And Sean Penn: Not Together — SL Flashback

Eve is explaining Sean Penn showing up at the police station after she got her ass busted for D.U.I. as…

J Harvey 3 Min Read

Garrett Clayton Shows Some Skin While Skateboarding — SL Photo Flashback

Garrett Clayton, star of Disney's Teen Beach Movie, shows off his six pack abs while skateboarding in Los Angeles on…

Michael Prieve 2 Min Read

Mark Wahlberg Strips Down to His Undies — SL Photo Flashback

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to being photographed in his underwear, after all Marky Mark was all about the undies.

Michael Prieve 2 Min Read

How the Heck is Enrique Iglesias?

After working on his latest album, "Insomniac," for the past three years, it looks like Enrique Iglesias is ready to…

Lisa Timmons 3 Min Read

Henry Cavill Films Man of Steel: SL Photo Flashback

There are rumors circulating of late that Henry Cavill could be putting on his Superman cape again for Man of…

Michael Prieve 2 Min Read

Brad Pitt Helps Make Your OB-GYN Uncomfortable Experience a Little More Pleasurable

The next time your at your OB-GYN and you see a poster or photo of Brad Pitt or George Clooney…

Michael Prieve 3 Min Read