David Beckham Cool With Being Impersonated If It Means Selling His Musk, But Not If It’s Nude Housecleaning

David Beckham

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Towleroad reports on this nude calendar featuring male models impersonating British celebs. David Beckham is not thrilled.

Although a rep. for the British footballer says that a look-alike calendar featuring a scantily-clad David Beckham clone “isn’t even on his radar”, there are some reports that Becks is angry about his inclusion in a 2007 “Celebrity Hunk Around the House” calendar. The calendar features models meant to look like Becks, Prince William, and Brad Pitt doing household chores in the buff and is being sold on gay (and adult) websites.

Said one source to DailySnack.com: “The calendar has become a bit of locker-room joke for David’s old England team-mates. They all think it’s hilarious, but David doesn’t find it quite so funny. He’s upset and angry about the calendar because it’s basically making him look a bit of a fool. ”

It looks like Becks’ look-alike is the same chap sent out to hawk the Posh and Becks fragrances earlier this year. This time, however, he’s selling something entirely different, and it certainly doesn’t come close to the real thing.

That’s the funny thing, everything was just jim dandy when you okayed the incredibly cheesy move of sending actors out to play you and your wife to hawk perfume. And it wasn’t in an ironic, performance art way – it was in a “this summer at Six Flags see British Celebrities Live!” way. Egads.
Uh, what’s the website for that calendar? What? Shut up!

This article was originally published on December 5, 2006.