Dwayne Johnson Rips Down Electric Front Gate With Bare Hands

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Dwayne Johnson
Photo via YouTube

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram Friday (September 18, 2020) to share a photo of his front gate which was off its hinges and strewn aside in a tangled mess.

The actor, revealed that he had ripped the gate clean off its brick structure after his home experienced a power outage during a severe storm causing it to jam.

“Not my finest hour 🤦🏽‍♂️, but a man’s gotta go to work,” Johnson captioned the post.

He added that he tried to override the hydraulic system before resorting to tearing the gate down, but it didn't work. Johnson even called the technicians to come fix the jam, but they wouldn't have arrived for 45 minutes.

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“By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day. So I did what I had to do,” the “Jumanji” actor wrote. “I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass.”

He noted that when the technicians and welders arrived, “they were apparently, ‘in disbelief and equally scared.'”

Johnson shared another video showing the full extent of the destruction. The footage showed the gates were pulled clean off their hinges.

He reiterated that he had a lot of people waiting on him to start working so he did what needed to be done and joked that maybe next time he'll just hop the gate and call an Uber instead.

“Well here’s the destruction 🤦🏽‍♂️ I left behind after pulling my gates off myself and going to work.”

“Jokes aside, THANK YOU to the techs and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come over and take care of the destruction,” Johnson wrote. “Thank you, gentlemen. Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood.”

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