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Fans Were Not Happy With the Game of Thrones Finale

Fans Were Not Happy With the Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones

Not everyone will be happy with any series finale, but it seems that a huge number of Game of Thrones fans were not at all thrilled with how this finale went down.

In the end, it was neither Jon Snow nor Daenerys Targaryen that found themselves on the Iron Throne.

In fact, the coveted seat of power in the realm of Westeros was destroyed and the remaining living lords and ladies put the position of King to a vote.

Bran Stark, AKA Bran the Broken, became king of the six kingdoms, with his sister Sansa taking lead of the seventh kingdom, the North.

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Jon was exiled for murdering Daenerys and sent north to spend the rest of his days as part of the Nights Watch — again.

So here is a sampling of some of the Game of Thrones fan reactions — good and bad:

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Have they not heard of fan fiction? Go ahead and re-write the season yourselves.

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