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There’s no better feeling than a clean, minty-fresh mouth and showing off a bright, dazzling smile. If you’re in search of clinically proven products to whiten and brighten without irritating sensitive mouths, look no further than the Lumineux® family of products.

The Lumineux® product line delivers oral care essentials that will leave your mouth happier and brighter than ever. Each product is rigorously tested and works beyond existing oral care to neutralize the mouth’s harmful toxins while maintaining its natural ecosystem. It is the first Microbiome Safe® and certified non-toxic oral care company in the world

The line’s most popular product is the Lumineux® Whitening Strips. These fan-favorite strips are the best-selling whitening product on Amazon, with over 30,000 reviews. Fans rave about the strips’ ease of use, effectiveness, and whitening without sensitivity. Lumineux replaces the harsh bleaches found in other whitening strips with natural ingredients like Dead Sea salt and coconut oil to help break up stains and nourish oral tissues. Since they’re so gentle, they can be used every day, and they taste delicious.

Photo courtesy of Lumineux

If you love the taste of coffee and red wine but hate staining your teeth, the Bright2Pen is the product for you. This whitening gel comes in a handy pen, which makes application a breeze. Once you brush the gel onto your teeth before you indulge in your favorite beverage, it goes to work on the stains and helps prevent future ones.

For even more day-to-day mouth brighteners, try the whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. The toothpaste not only whitens but helps protect tooth enamel and nourishes gums and oral tissues for a smile that lights up your face. The mouthwash’s Microbiome Safe® ingredients are packed with minerals that balance your oral health. And best of all, they taste and feel great.     

Lumineux® products are available at Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, CVS, and Target. Learn more at



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