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Dermatologists say Gwyneth Paltrow’s sunscreen routine is dangerous

Dermatologists say Gwyneth Paltrow’s sunscreen routine is dangerous

Gwyneth Paltrow Vogue video

Gwyneth Paltrow might be giving some bad and harmful advice on a particular beauty routine. After she revealed in a video for Vogue the way she applied sunscreen, Paltrow found herself being criticized by dermatologists for delivering “very dangerous” and “harmful” message.

The actress and businesswoman, 48, said she doesn’t slather on her sunscreen, but instead likes to put some on her nose and “the area where the sun really hits.”

The video shows her applying it similar to a highlighter, hitting her nose, cheeks and a bit of her upper lip and chin.

Paltrow’s routine garnered attention, and some viewers took to social media to denounce her advice.

“Gwyenth Paltrow really made a video telling people to apply SPF like a highlighter to your face… That’s literally not how it works. It goes on the entire face, neck, & the back of hands,” user @dacrystvlmethod tweeted.

“@voguemagazine letting Gwyneth Paltrow say spf only needs to be used like a highlighter is just wildly irresponsible, congrats on contributing to everyone’s sun damage guys! 👏🏻” user @GrraceI wrote.

Dr. Michele Squire, a PhD-qualified scientist, science educator, and founder of Qr8 and Qr8 MediSkin, agrees. “Sun cancers can occur anywhere on your face – NOT just the high points. So using sunscreen like a highlighter is not only incredibly dangerous but a huge warning sign that anyone peddling this kind of information should be disregarded,” she told Grazia.

Watch (at your own risk of harm) Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty advice

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