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Gwyneth Paltrow talks relationships and sex with Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck

Gwyneth Paltrow talks relationships and sex with Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck

Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt Ben Affleck

Gwyneth Paltrow is looking back at her past romantic relationships and sharing some intimate details about her experiences. The Hollywood star talked about Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck during a recent Call Her Daddy episode.

The 50-year-old actress revealed that both actors were “good kissers” when they dated. “This is really hard,” she said when asked who was better in bed.

“We’re going to play a game… ‘Brad or Ben?’” Alex Cooper, the host of the Call Her Daddy podcast, asked Paltrow.

The Goop founder responded with “Brad” thinking that was the game.

After Paltrow and Cooper laughed, the podcast host asked, “Who was a better kisser?”

“Let me think. Gosh, I have to remember so far back. They were both good kissers,” Paltrow confessed.

“Who was better in bed?” Cooper questioned.

“That’s really hard … That is really hard, because … Brad was sort of major chemistry, love of your life … at the time,” Paltrow explained.

“And Ben was like technically excellent,” she continued to laugh. “I can’t believe my daughter’s listening to this … Am I blushing?”

“God bless J.Lo and everything she is getting over there!” Cooper responded.

The Hollywood actress candidly spoke about her past relationship with Pitt and reminisced on how the two met.

“I met Brad on the set of Seven and I think I was only 22 years old at the time…everyone knew he was the most gorgeous movie star in America … we said ‘Hi’ on set, and it was major, major love at first sight. It was crazy,” Paltrow admitted.

Pitt eventually proposed to Paltrow when she was 24 years old, but she broke off the engagement because she felt she was too young.

“I had a lot of development to do, looking back in hindsight. In a lot of ways, I didn’t really fully start to come into myself until I was 40 years old.” Paltrow noted.

“And I had such a pleasing issue. I didn’t really even understand how to listen to my instincts and act from that place.”

Paltrow pointed out that she was “totally heartbroken” when she and Pitt called it quits.

After Pitt, she dated Affleck for about three years, from 1997 until 2000.

In July 2022, Affleck married Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas after getting engaged in April.

Meanwhile, podcast host Cooper continued to put Paltrow on the spot and asked her a series of questions for her “Brad or Ben” game, including “who was more romantic,” “more likely to make you laugh” and “a better actor?”

She answered Pitt for both “more romantic” and “a better actor.”

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“They’re both so talented … Ben is a great writer and director. But I guess I would probably have to say acting alone, Brad. Because if you think of all the different roles that he’s done.”

Paltrow also detailed that Leonardo DiCaprio even “tried” to make a move on her “back in the day.”

“He was very loose with the goods when he was 19,” she said.

Paltrow went on to marry the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, and got married in December 2003. The two separated in 2014 and share two children, Apple and Moses.

During the podcast session, Paltrow played one last game called “F—, Marry or Kill,” where she had to choose between each ex – Pitt, Affleck or Martin.

“Wow, well obviously I’d marry Chris Martin, because he gave me my two children who are the loves of my life, so I would do that all again,” Paltrow replied.

For whom she would choose to sleep with again, “I think Brad,” Paltrow said, and for “Kill” she chose Affleck.

“God bless him,” Paltrow quipped.



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