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This Hugh Jackman photo is sparking Wolverine rumors

This Hugh Jackman photo is sparking Wolverine rumors

Australian actor Hugh Jackman (R) speaks

The internet had a near meltdown yesterday (Jul. 05, 2021) as they took a look at Hugh Jackman’s Instagram story, which featured a pair of images — Boss Logic art of a Wolverine claw and Jackman hanging out with Kevin Feige.

Feige reigns over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which led fans to believe that Jackman may be putting on his claws once again.

Back in 2017, Hugh said that he would continue playing Wolverine if the X-Men were to be introduced in the MCU. At the time, such a thing was still unlikely since the rights to the X-Men were still owned by Fox.

Now that the mutants joining the MCU is a reality, it’s understandable for fans to wish him to reprise the character. Hugh last played Wolverine in Logan, which premiered back in 2017.


Jackman reportedly didn’t want to play Wolverine anymore because he was getting too old for the part (he’s 52, and required to be absolutely shredded every time he puts on the claws).

But fans have been quick to leap in and point out that he could simply transition into play Old Man Logan which could require less action and a less unreal physique to a certain extent if he wanted to take it somewhat “easier” in the role.

The Logan movie was very loosely based on a series called Old Man Logan, about an aging Wolverine in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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