Jacob Elordi shares his reaction to the Salturn bathtub scene

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Jacob Elordi Saltburn
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Saltburn star Jacob Elordi has spilled the beans on his reaction to the infamous bathtub scene in the movie.

Playing the role of Felix Catton, Elordi's character befriends loner Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) during their first term at Oxford University. The plot thickens when Felix invites Oliver to his family's lavish estate for a break.

Now, let's talk about that scene. You know the one. Quirk walks into Felix's bathroom after his friend's steamy bath session, and what ensues is a rather… unconventional encounter with the leftover bathwater. No spoilers here!

Saltburn Bathtub Scene
Photo by Amazon Prime Video, MGM Studios

In an exclusive interview with Stream Wars, Elordi shares his thoughts on this eyebrow-raising moment, giving kudos to the film's director, Emerald Fennell, for her audacious vision.

“I was genuinely thrilled when I read that scene because it's not everyday you come across something like this in mainstream cinema,” Elordi reveals with enthusiasm. “Fennell really pushed the boundaries and exposed people to something fresh and unexpected.”

While Elordi tries to avoid the noise surrounding public opinion, he did get a taste of the audience's reaction during a movie screening in his home country, Australia.

Saltburn Bathtub Scene
Photo by Amazon Prime Video, MGM Studios

“To be honest, I've been trying to shield myself from all the chatter,” Elordi admits. “But I attended a screening of the film in Brisbane, and it was absolutely electrifying! The entire audience was captivated, gasping, and even shouting at the screen. It was an experience like no other, something I haven't felt in a long time. I hope the feedback has been positive overall!”

Saltburn has garnered a respectable 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, impressing both critics and viewers alike. The audience, in particular, has shown their love for the film, giving it an impressive 79% score on the popular movie rating site.

Saltburn is now available to stream on Prime Video.

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