Jamie Dornan and Jared Leto give us holiday thirst traps to remember

Jamie Dornan and Jared Leto

If your holidays were not fully fulfilled, then Jamie Dornan and Jared Leto have come to the rescue.

Jamie Dornan gave us a true thirst trap this holiday season! The Irish actor stripped down to just his undies for a chilly dip at the beach on Christmas Day, taking a polar bear plunge in the icy waters and sharing the fun moment with his Instagram followers.

Jamie also noted his lack of swimming attire, writing in his caption that he forgot his “togs.”

Jamie Dornan takes a dip

Jared Leto, the Oscar-winning actor/musician most, took to Instagram Sunday to mark his 50th birthday with a shirtless photo, revealing an enviable physique while holding a rainbow piece of cake.

“Thx for all the bday wishes,” the actor, who most recently played Paolo Gucci in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, posted.

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The actor, in the past, has credited his veggie-based lifestyle for maintaining his youthful appearance.

Jared Leto celebrates his birthday



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