Jason Momoa is shirtless for the ‘Make It Sexy Challenge’ — WATCH

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Jason Momoa shirtless on Jimmy Kimmel Live

41-year-old Jason Momoa took his shirt off during a segment called, Can Jason Momoa Make it Sexy? on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After Momoa went shirtless, guest host Anthony Anderson took off his own suit jacket, tie, and shirt, and stated, “I know that the studio didn't want me to take my clothes off, but we're going to take my clothes off.”

Anthony “challenged him to use his sheer animal magnetism to make boring, everyday activities sexy.”

Some of the things that Jason was challenged to included putting on hand sanitizer, opening a can of tuna, and ironing a shirt.

Jason Momoa shirtless on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Photo via Jimmy Kimmel Live/Twitter

“When I iron shirts I like to get a little baby oil and rub that all over me first,” Momoa joked. “This is about that long stroke.”

Anderson ended the segment by teasing, “Jason, congratulations and thank you for gracing America with your nipples.”

“You're welcome, America,” Momoa replied.

Watch Jason Momoa stripped down on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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