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Patrick Dempsey named People’s 2023 Sexiest Man Alive

Patrick Dempsey has been named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2023.

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Jason Momoa strips off his clothes mid-interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jason Momoa gave fans what they were hoping for, and more, when…

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Jason Momoa is shirtless for the ‘Make It Sexy Challenge’ — WATCH

41-year-old Jason Momoa took his shirt off during a segment called, "Can…

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Jeff Bridges Has Been Diagnosed With Lymphoma and More Quickies

Jeff Bridges, the Oscar-winning actor best known for playing a stoner bowler…

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Amber Riley Performs Emotional Tribute to Naya Rivera on Jimmy Kimmel Live — WATCH

Amber Riley appeared on last night's (August 27, 2020) episode of Jimmy…

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking the Summer Off and Matt Damon Is Not Happy — WATCH

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the summer off to "spend even more time"…

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Richard Madden Talks Really Having to Hide His Man Bits for Cinderella — WATCH

Apparently guys, Richard Madden‘s junk was just way too much for Disney.

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Christina Aguilera Sure Does Know How to Sell Donuts

Jimmy Kimmel launched a new segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Undercover…

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Stop Following Noah Centineo

While we all love our celebrity crushes, there are certain boundaries that…

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