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WATCH: Get In The Holiday Spirit With The Shirtless Hotties Of Hunkappella Caroling Just For You — SL Flashback

Hunkapella is a group of hot dudes, who look amazing without their shirts on and also happen to have totally…

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Idris Elba’s Sexy Self Covers Men’s Health, Talks About How He’s Gotten That Perfect Body — SL Flashback

Idris Elba covers the latest issue of Men’s Health where he not only looks sexy for their photoshoot, but talks…

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Actor Gregg Sulkin Strips Down To His Underwear For Flaunt Magazine – SL Flashback

Hey look! It’s one of Socialite Life‘s favorite shirtless men, Gregg Sulkin!

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WATCH: Matt Bomer Has More to Say About Keeping His Junk in a Sock — SL Flashback

Seriously, so much about Matt Bomer‘s junk happening this week. Obviously, I have no problem with this.

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David Beckham Looking Sexy For AnOther Man Magazine — SL FLASHBACK

David Beckham‘s photoshoot and interview for the latest issue of AnOther Man magazine might be my favorite he’s done in…

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David Gandy Looks More Handsome Than A Normal Person Should As He Hangs Out With Fancy Cars — SL FLASHBACK

David Gandy was on the red carpet in Germany as Jaguar and Land Rover revealed their stunt vehicles that will…

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David Beckham Gives Us That Stylish, Beckham Look For Mr. Porter — SL FLASHBACK

Soccer superstar David Beckham's charisma is evident in everything he does, especially his latest interview with Mr. Porter.

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Justin Timberlake On Sex Scenes and Porn — SL Flashback

Justin Timberlake is man of many skills. He can sing, dance, beat box, act, be a big action hero, look…

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Jennifer Aniston Has Relationship Problems — SL Flashback

Jennifer Aniston seems to having loads of trouble with her men these days.

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Chris Hemsworth Needed An Extra Large Prosthetic To Make That Scene Work For ‘Vacation’ — SL FLASHBACK

Because Chris Hemsworth is just too big for a normal prosthetic penis. If you watched the trailer for the new…

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Channing Tatum Is Ready to Do Only Things He Loves, Which Could Possibly Include Stripping for Real — SL Flashback

Channing Tatum covers the August issue of Vanity Fair where he talks his wife, to working with his idols and,…

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WATCH: Harry Styles Calls Out His Childhood Friend For Stealing His Girlfriend Live In Concert — SL Flashback

Just because I want to make you guys laugh again, please enjoy this video of Harry Styles calling out a…

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