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Stop Following Noah Centineo

Stop Following Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo "Big Time Adolescence" New York Premiere

While we all love our celebrity crushes, there are certain boundaries that we as fans must not cross.

America’s imaginary boyfriend, Noah Centineo, recently discovered the downside of his newfound fame and “it boy” status. He’s being stalked by fans.

Noah appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday, and Jimmy asked Noah if people chase him, and Noah responded with a story of being chased by fans that was “actually kind of scary.”

Noah says:

I had this one experience—I went to New York for some work, and I was at baggage claim and I had my headphones on and was just waiting for my bag to come out. And then I feel a presence approach me…and without even knowing, I had to sidestep and take my headphones out and there’s like four people looking at me. And I was like ‘Hi,’ and they were like ‘Hey, how was your flight?’ And I was like, ‘It was good, how was yours?’ And they were like ‘Oh no no, we didn’t fly, we’re here for you.’ They somehow knew I was flying into JFK and the time I was going there. They parked the same place where the driver parked, so they walked us to the car, and then they followed us into the city. And when we got into the city, I was like, there’s totally people following us.

Noah asked his driver to try and lose, and the experience left Noah shaken up. “It was the first time you look at something you’re like oh wow, my life is changing,” he recalls. But luckily, the story ends well, with the fans learning their lesson and leaving their stalking days behind them.

Noahs recalled:

There’s a beautiful full circle to the story, because I went back a second time to the same airport for a different round of press, and they were there again, the same people—except they added another person. So I walk up to them and I’m like ‘Hi, hi guys’ and they’re ‘Hey, we want to apologize,’ and we talked it out. I was like, ‘Look, I love your love, I love the fact you care about me and you show up here, and that’s fantastic, just don’t follow me. The rest is cool, just don’t follow me.’ They said goodbye, and I said goodbye, and then I just walked away.

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Keep a respectful distance and let your crush have his privacy. Otherwise, you’ll be elevated to a stalker status before you know it.

Watch Noah recall the experience below.



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