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Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking the Summer Off and Matt Damon Is Not Happy — WATCH

Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking the Summer Off and Matt Damon Is Not Happy — WATCH

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the summer off to “spend even more time” with his family.

After 18 years and 3130 shows, Kimmel said he needed a break during a video announcement on Thursday night. As of Monday, Jimmy Kimmel Live will go on a two-week break before the show features guest hosts starting on July 6 until Kimmel’s return.

Announcing the show’s vacation and upcoming guest hosts, Jimmy Kimmel was taken by surprise at the appearance of Matt Damon, who stepped out of his bedroom wearing a bathrobe and a face mask – pretty much how people like us look during the pandemic quarantine.

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon
Photo via YouTube

“Hold on, what did you just say,” Damon asked.

“I was telling the audience I am going to be off this summer,” Kimmel replied.

“What does that mean ‘OFF’?” scoffed Damon. “What am I going to do?”

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A confused Kimmel questioned him.

“When am I going to get on, I’ve been waiting back here three months waiting to get on,” Damon said.

Kimmel himself was “shocked” to know that his guest has been in his house for three months. Damon even “complained” that he had to read the same book several times.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon
Photo via YouTube

To make it worse, just after Kimmel announced that he would take the summer off to spend “even more time with his family”, his wife sneaked out of the bedroom where “demon” Damon had apparently been living.

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After the “drama” unfolded, Kimmel said that he apparently would have to kickstart his long-wanted vacation by “going and getting a divorce”.

Watch Matt Damon interrupt Jimmy Kimmel below.

Kimmel will also be hosting the 2020 Emmy Awards in September and is the host of the rebooted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire which returns this fall.

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