Jennifer Lopez launches alcoholic drink based on her ‘playful, carefree side’

Jennifer Lopez 65th GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
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Jennifer Lopez has launched the alcoholic drink Delola Spritz she says is based on her “playful, carefree side”.

The 53-year-old singer and wife of actor Ben Affleck, 50, announced the launch of the range in a long Instagram post on Tuesday (04.04.23) alongside a picture of her enjoying it with ice in a wine glass.

She said: “The secret is out!!! I’m proud to share with you @DELOLA… my new collection of unique, mixology-level ready to enjoy spritzes. More is #OnTheJLo. Let’s live the #DelolaLife together.”

The drink is called after a long-standing nickname for the singer and actress, who also put out a press release on Tuesday to promote the drink.

She said in it: “You ask, what is the Delola Life… LOL?! Well, let me tell you … Delola means ‘From Lola’, which is inspired by my nickname.

“Lola is my more playful, carefree side. She is the part of me that lets loose… because the truth is at heart, and I’ve been known to tell my friends this on occasion… ‘Just so you know I’m the girl who dances on the table. If that makes you uncomfortable, we can’t hang!’

“That’s me! She doesn’t come out all that often – but when she does, she goes hard… I realise that as I’ve gotten a little older, I’d like her to make more appearances.

“Life is to be enjoyed, and as much as I enjoy working hard, playing is just as important for a happy, balanced life!!! You might have seen pictures of me smiling with the occasional cocktail … that’s Lola living her best life.”

Jennifer added she wanted the drink to be what she felt she was “missing” – including a beverage that is “easy with better ingredients, because having fun shouldn’t be hard”.

She added: “Something that you could just pour over ice, right out of the bottle, ready to enjoy with some of my favourite flavours and natural botanicals like elderflower, berries, hibiscus, orange, and of course, passionfruit.”

Jennifer also told how Delola is “a gluten-free, full-flavored spritz, premium spirit-based mixology-level cocktail”, with “about the same alcohol content as a glass of wine”.

She declared: “It’s a first-of-its-kind ready-to-enjoy cocktail that’s bubbly and yummy. It took a couple of years, but here it is first, for your eyes only On The JLo.”

Delola comes in three “epic” flavours – Bella Berry Spritz crafted with Premium Vodka, berry, and hibiscus Paloma Rosa Spritz crafted with Tequila, grapefruit, and elderflower L’Orange Spritz crafted with Amaro, orange, and passionfruit.

Jennifer also said she was proud it was a “female-founded company” with the “goal in mind to create something new, exciting, and better tasting in the spirits category”.



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